Yuneec Breeze 4K drone review and indoor video footage

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This is my Yuneec Breeze 4k drone review with the excellent controller. I also show some very interesting indoor video footage in all resolution modes. It is very interesting to compare video quality between 720p, 1080p and 4K with and without electronic image stabilization. I buy all my drones with my own money so my reviews are unbiased. This is a fairly long video, so I included a table of content as follows:

– Inspection of drone and components
– Modifying slightly the charger
– Overview of the case that is included
– Quick look at the Breeze 4K App
– Indoor flights at 4k, 1080p and 720p, 30 and 60 fps
– Taking a few pictures at 13 MP
– Comparing video footage with a $100 toy drone
– Final thoughts

I sincerely hope that you will appreciate this review. Don’t miss my other videos on drones including my homemade dji 450. Available in my playlist.

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you see my phone is here right now I'm not touching anything so as you can see the goal is extremely stable endure hello guys welcome to my channel today i want to review the unique breeds and I've got the version with the controller now this drone has been out for about a bit more than a year and I watch a few videos before deciding to purchase the drone because it's currently half price yes I got this for $200 so and even in some places in the US you can get it for less than 200 so like I said before I bought this I watch a few videos on YouTube and I was a bit disappointed when I got the drone because there are a few things that nobody talked about and I have a technical background I've been building drones for five years and if you see on my channel there was a drone that I built my brother bought the Phantom 3 the very first one that was about four years ago I thought the Phantom 3 was too small so I built a bigger one and it's on my channel again and I have about 10 drones and one of my Jobs was a safety inspector so my job was to find defects when I was walking into a building so the first thing I did when I opened the box within like one minute I saw a few problems a few very good things and I want to share my findings with you today in this video I'm going to show you the components what's good and what's bad about them and I'll do an indoor video to show you what to expect when you fly the breeze indoor then I'll do later on an outdoor video when it's warmer outside or a few things I want to show you outdoor I'll have a carbon fiber wrap also on the breeze I'll do a video on that soon and I ordered high-capacity batteries these are 13 percent higher than the stock battery and I'll do also a video on this to see it will get 13% more flight time so stay tuned this is what you get in the box you get of course the drone you get the controller and the stand for your cell phone you get a charger you get one battery you get spare propellers and you get a USB cable to charge the controller and also to download your pictures from the drone to your PC the breeze comes in this plastic box as you can see you can fit the drone the guards you have your battery in here and you can also put a second battery on the side here as you can see so it's very nice you can actually use this box to carry your drone in a backpack that you already have let's have a look at the battery first or briefly this is an 1150 mAh battery the build quality is excellent really I was impressed when I took the battery out of the drone when you push the button here there is a pin here you can see that will push the battery out of the drone it's not intelligent like the DJI battery but again this is not a $1,000 drone so this is totally acceptable so five stars for the battery let's look at the charger now so very nice like the finish here you can see the two pieces fit perfectly together the battery fits well inside my only comment here is why not put anti-skid rubber rubber of feet or rubber pads here because when you move the cable like the whole thing moves around and I don't know why didn't do that if I look at my one of my cheaper chargers for my remote control boats look they put rubber pads here and I have here another charger for the kids tracks US trucks and look here rubber pads also so I bought a set of dads here four for two dollars and it makes a huge difference the pads I have are clear they're not black but that is fine because the whole thing is white and now the thing is very sticky on the surface it doesn't slide all over the place so I still give the charger of five stars because it's a very well-built and that that we fits very well in it now let's have a look at the controller when I took this after the box within 10 seconds I said wow like very nicely build quality you can you can feel the quality and this is like a mix of a ps4 controller this is ps4 this is ps4 and xboxone this is Xbox here this is Xbox but move from here to there the lights are very bright so you can see outside very well and it comes with their cell phone the holder and that is the problem the tab of here is a little short so if you use for example an iPhone 5 which is kind of thick it will work well you can see here the tab here so that works fine if you have a iPhone 6 thinner and this one is bigger so you can see here it fits very well also the problem is that when you use a phone with a thicker case like my samsung galaxy s5 here I have a thicker case and as you can see it fits just at the edge of the tab and actually if I move it a bit it falls right away so that's unfortunate only like a couple of millimeters longer here for the tab it would have been perfect so I will still give it five stars for iPhone users and for other people also but you may have to remove the case on your phone finally let's have a look at the drone so as you can see I installed the prop guards the very easy to install there is no screws here so all you have to do is squeeze a little bit like that and they come out and to put them back in or back on you have it here a little hole on the side and then you push the other side and click right in so very nice design their legs here open like that you have the camera in the front you have the sensors here for indoor flying and you have here your GPS so when I get something like that made of plastic I do the squeeze test I have a background also in materials I must say so I look at the plastic and I like the matte plastic here but I'm not so sure about the shiny plastic here so when I get something like that I squeeze it and just listen see here on the side I'm not pressing very hard so these two pieces here are not now fixed very solidly and when I saw the GPS at the top here I thought oh ok so I pressed it you hear that on the $400 drone that is not very acceptable but I paid like I said only 200 so I'm ok with that but because of this I can only give the build quality a rating of 3.5 stars now I'm going to fly the drone on the Endor so you can see here how stable it is and also the quality of the video so I want you here to watch this because I'm not going to talk during the the footage pay attention to 30 frames per second versus 60 because in 4k the breeze does 30 frames per second with no stabilization and at 1080p it does also 30 but with image stabilization if you want 60 frames per second you have to go down in resolution to 720p P but look at the difference between the two and I'm going to talk about that in my conclusion look at the image stabilization the noise when the drone moves sideways that that's also important look at 4k when I do the footage with no stabilization we the flight is stable look at the 4k quality and finally when the camera is tilting up or down you will see that when the camera is horizon and moving down its kind of fine but when the camera is fully down and back up it's a little bit jerky as you will see so I don't know if this is a problem with my drone or if all cameras on the breeze are a bit jerky when they move here at the bottom so let's go to the basement and fly the breeze the app is very nice you have access here to your a gallery of pictures and videos for easy sharing to your social media and here you have access to the modes so when you fly indoor you have access to pilot mode with the end the controller mode when you fly outside of course you have access to all these modes over here so one thing though I discovered when you fly controller you have to fly with the camera away from you when you fly in pilot mode the camera is towards you and unfortunately you cannot select the controller when you fly in pilot mode that's that's unfortunate so I'm going to select that now and our drone is over here and all I have to do is click on take off and I have to slide to proceed and the song is going up as you can see I'm not such saying my cell phone do you see my phone is here right now I'm not touching anything so as you can see this wallet is extremely stable in door and with the dispenser at the bottom so this is the floor so it's using the pattern on the floor to fly in the exact same spot so very stable now I'm going to I am going to click here on land so as simple as that my final thoughts for $200 including the controller this is a no-brainer it has a GPS and indoor positioning system decent camera you can do 4k it's good I don't know how many people bought the drum when it came out at full price but around $200 it's a go so thank you guys for watching you have any questions put them down below I'll be happy to get back to you have a great day goodbye

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  1. Hi guys, this is not an unboxing video. Rather, considering that the Breeze is now 50% off in several markets, I decided to outline the good and the bad things about it. I got mine for $200 including the controller! Look at the video description if you want to see the table of content for this video. I sincerely hope that you will appreciate this review. Don't miss my upcoming videos on a carbon fiber skin for the Breeze and higher capacity batteries. I buy all my drones with my own money, so my reviews are totally objective! Thanks for watching!

  2. Very Good Review. EIS is certainly a good alternative to sophisticated gimbal system (thanks to Parrot for introducing it a few years ago in their drones). EIS will only get better with time as FPS gets increased and as algorithms get better.

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