VR games with Peyton

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[Applause] no way super tough well done you're in the gang scooter scooter I got one stick good thanks for being here in my dungeon I could throw it I like from step I get I want to be trick shots okay oh geez okay oh my everything like I said just garbage oh my god nipples nipples nipples [Applause] Jim hey Ally there's been dark rumors going about recently Satan there's nothing to see back here I get yourself home have to go now I have to go now hey what we did the ritual all wrong we summoned a regular person not fate no you have no idea what we're doing we're so bad with just some of the regular person we didn't even summon a good person or an incredible person what huh we'll look at you with your interesting idea I'm listening they probably know how to do it better than us – oh well don't have to my Rex summoning music [Applause] this list over here right the wrong pick up the cash yeah you [Applause] finish the devil or it's over level they say no if we do this [Applause] right now just wanna so I put this right here there's nothing in you right now this world oh this was made by no it will not be okay all right now we can get started we are a kind people we are a benevolent people here we are just very respectable people all right okay whoo whoa hey we don't know it oh well you were asking for it oh all right that's it that's it I don't like it hit with little public defenders uh that's that is it you just you just sealed this book you just close the book on this case I sent I hereby with the authority of the power of the king kingdom of the art of the king pronounce you to death you're gonna die that's right it's time to put it put put your holes life to an end yeah bring in the guillotine Michael put on the guilty your your dad buddy you're you're as dead as a doornail you blue shot but you don't not anymore my arm is came off we got the whole cop course on our tail why did you throw that break through the window go to you're a fucking lunatic you got thank you and thanks over there it's just me did you even know that you didn't even know my name I Drive it as fast as I can gig get off my area ass my name is me did you know did you know my name was the main you didn't even know my name work that stuff's cool no my name is Ming did you know that you didn't even know I got a driver I don't like Oh I guess fuck fuck you gotta take the cops down find some way to stop oh this is insane oh thanks to your crazy prick throwing find a way to stop the cops you gotta stop the cop stop yeah the Z gun I forgot that was in here [Applause] right you just murdered to believe my god [Applause] no more vegetables TV all night mom [Applause] in my house you can change the channel of z1 I'm pretty easygoing about that sort of stuff I like all kinds of music to be honest love it off no more vegetables TV all night mom am I dreaming you're the accountant from accounting oh my god oh my god oh my god I'm your biggest fan I love a carny I can't believe you're here in my room is amazing this is amazing I have so many questions wait wait wait I've got to show you this through this this is my heart this is my heart what do you think but everything must be worse number one I know what it's like [Applause] Jesus no wearables TV all my mom what do you mean that is right there don't go anywhere [Applause] my hand is hurt you wanna join that's crazy I'm really impressed if everyone fucking hates you you're never going to be part of our game second player I would do some surprise I place right so what I'll talk to me so what Oh wha-hoo should log on to YouTube oh my gosh I impressed and suck okay I welcome to youtube Jesus crap I'm when you got seven years old so if you want me to hello I'm scared here we're talking is this is this my own is this my is this my own it's my own room [Applause] here every time if I look he's keep singing log onto YouTube watch this you're talking what you're talking doing it so much it all so it's taking my time for this crap so it's taking my boys someone is real no put the headphones on i'ma show you your press me I am trusting I am you look what happened if I put it on you're lying I'm Preston stupid this is your voice it I wasn't talking that in this and why first cotton says YouTube what button do I first won this thing how cool huh awesome let's press X okay X right here can you put that in idiot you tell her my harder virgin fuck fuck I'm over there beat lives she I fuck move fuck touch me all over your campus start getting useless controller god don't get outta your eat

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