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Ps vr
performance your club has sent you to our heading facility for a free consultation during this brief visit our world-class staff will assist you for a long-term residential program please review the terms and conditions of your enrollment they're not your head – exact thank you this is report before we begin it is vital that you learn the proper heading motion please direct your attention to the list this student will demonstrate the proper heading motion the neck is quite wretched this technique combines accuracy with sufficient power Thank You improvement can only be achieved through mastering this basic concept please use the proper heading motion to direct these footballs into the net we call points for each ball in the net you will receive points it is time to begin your reeducation points i used to earn stars each will be challenging and you will face your greatest fear come come the lights please yes yes it over don't worry he's not dream one star [Applause] [Applause] most importantly your expectations will constantly be challenged along with your safety the entrance exam has been designed to be as simple concludes our free consultation we'll just tell you the scores and relations qualified for our residential re-education program please familiarize yourself with these features and benefits brochure we hope your club chooses to enroll you the alternative is zone less design welcome to press X to select this is a map of the enemy's territory each hexagon represents a strategic zone your mission is to reach confront and destroy the AI core select a zone and launch when ready initiating boot sequence I swear to our weapons hello Jim Lorraine yeah I know them all mighty quick for all so this yeah as a reward will be payables you excuse you maybe thanks Oh he was me coming over to see Oh learn you made it well done yeah there's no money didn't I notice some demo that it kept me all the games coupling image Jamie sees when to talk a king everything assistant I'll gag the NIMH is based on our cake yeah updated so the Angoon yeah I knew I ain't heard you needed it to limousine with German the car on the game if you continue their belittling you know sir he's gone dude did do an ombre

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