The Wall: Samsung’s MicroLED TV at CES 2018

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Samsung had a big surprise in store at CES this year this is the wall a 146 inch micro LED TV so it's not LCD it's not OLED it's micro LED it's pretty similar to OLED it's a self emitting panel so there's no backlight on samsung says it delivers the same benefits of OLED so incredibly bright whites deep deep blacks but they also say it doesn't have any of the disadvantages of bullet so that could be burnin and a particularly limited lifespan sometimes so what we're looking at now is a 146 inch panel but the idea behind the walls that you can take those micro LED panels they're about like five inches by five inches and create a display is big or as small as you need to obviously if you're going to do something like this you're going to go big if you look up close to the wall you can actually see the individual panels which is kind of strange honestly it does kind of look like they're a little plastic Lego connection setup when you're away from it you don't see those lines you don't see the individual stuff it still looks bright and sharp this is a 4k set right now Samsung isn't giving us any technical details beyond what's here it's basically just a great proof-of-concept it looks good but I really wonder how it's gonna work in real life just seeing those individual panels I feel like could be really annoying for some people especially if you're sitting up close Samsung Muscle says it could be used in several different modes we get through window basically goes in a beautiful Vista and make it available break in your home what's really interesting about the wall is that Samsung is pretty much avoided OLED entirely it looks like they're betting on micro LED to be the next generation of their technology so far they've used cue LED which is led with quantum dots it looks pretty good but to my eye oh it still looks better micro LED is their key to the future of the living room pretty much so there's no pricing or availability that you hear yet but we did hear from Samsung that there will be a launch event in March where we'll hear more details about the wall for now stay tuned tuned gotcha calm for more news from CES

19 thoughts on “The Wall: Samsung’s MicroLED TV at CES 2018”

  1. People talking about MLED are just Fools
    They don't understand how Mleds are assembled
    MLED is not practically feasible at this moment
    It will take more than 5 year's for that technology to even reach us
    Mainstream is far fetched

  2. Now this is decent competitor to OLED. Whoever solves their problem first (LG with oled burn-ins or Samsung makes these led-s small enough) will probably win the market.
    I always imagined TV of the future as a wallpaper cut to your desired size and connected to a multimedia box who would process the picture and give sound but this actually seems even more logical. You just buy as much of these tiles as you need.

  3. Nope, I'm sorry but this modular idea for large home displays is MANDATORY. I've been using a projector because I have to have a large screen and the only thing stopping me from going direct view display is the sheer size and weight of the display. This solves the problem completely. Just look at it, it's fucking stunning and the tiles aren't visible unless you look at a certain angle and light off axis.

  4. I think the best way to show off graphics is to show a sporting event. Who cares if I'm watching a movie on a 65" or 120", but imagine watching a football/baseball/basketball even hockey game on a 146" set? Now that's intriguing.

  5. Don't confuse people… Micro-LED is still an LCD TV. It uses LCD panel unlike OLED. But are advanced than conventional LCD TVs, which is the twist now in market. And I hope they are going to compete OLED in future. Peace ✌️

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