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The Grayson Edition of the ET Max from LDARC is the best larger sized FPV Racing Quad designed for those starting out we have tested yet! (with Dal Props) The Grayson Edition comes with the 2205 Sunny Sky Brushless Motors which gives this plenty of power for butter smooth flying! The prop guards and traditional KingKong frame make this a VERY strong Drone which can handle a lot of abuse! We smashed thru trees with ease and the ET Max kept going strong!

If you are looking for a larger durable race drone that can run on 4S, then you need to check out the Grayson Edition of the ET Max. Do forget, if you pick up GH-371, this is a FrSky Plug & Play – making this an easy choice for those starting out in drone racing and do not have the time to solder.

The LDARC ET Max can run on 3S and or 4S – so if you are just starting out, we HIGHLY recommend you stick with the 3S 1500mAh batteries. The 3S packs are less expensive and will keep this quadcopter under control – You can always upgrade to 4S later as you gain some experience.

KingKong ET Max and all recommend parts

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hey guys basil hill from gray snobby and we finally flown the et max from King Kong so did it pass our test get a watch to find out oh holy freaking cow dude yeah I think I did Wow how early you did it in this freaking tree infested parking lot I thought some bounce in there that wasn't intentional I wish what I see is captured on the camera because I cannot tell you the aggressive flying he's doing and hitting these tree limbs Wow oh my gosh if you new to this channel Grayson hobby is a shop located outside of Atlanta Georgia where we sell and ship out quads and airplanes and drill parts and everything off sorts and everything you see on our website is located here in our good old USA warehouse right outside of Atlanta and guess what we got some flying video we got lots of flying video we actually had a great day here in Atlanta the weather it's spring weather it's awesome we got to fly the new et max from King Kong the big 4-inch whoop that everyone's been asking about and technically no it's not a walk but that's what everyone calls them so tell us about why it took so long to get here well factory motors sucked from the original batch right so we had we wanted new motors before we did anything really yep so for those who knew or didn't see the last video the original ones came with 2204 is when we did the unboxing and right on the bat you said they were gonna they were too low kV the motors just they didn't look I mean they look like cheap motor they weren't impressive and a low kV the quad was just anemic it wasn't worth the effort not only that we did a test flight before with those motors and we crashed it and the motors fell apart off the job oh yeah broke my solder joints the DVR didn't record that day the game at 20 mile an hour winds came it was everything that could go wrong I mean someone was saying do not record this today yeah we did after that I went to contacted King Kong and said look the motors need to be changed okay that's it case closed yeah they actually replaced them they replace them with a new 2205 and how do you like those new motors very smooth there I'm pretty sure they're just sunny sky mothers or the nicer sunny sky motor yeah they are made by Sonny's guys yes just wear that weather 22:05 2500 kV very very smooth motor is silicon wire they are silicon wires but the only downside is we can only get them or reverse threads which is clockwise rotation but counterclockwise threads right so instead of all four bolts being clockwise thread they're all four counterclockwise right but for the price to pay to get better motors it was worth it they're still locking nut so they still hold down fine the next battery charge they'll be flying in a minute basically the prop guards the bigger screws held in better now it's only two screws per motor because they'll offset the whole pattern but tighten down these things we smashed it to everything we could did not get a single motor come loose or a card to come loose unlike the factory the pre-production motors and boy do we snatch this guy yeah boom yeah I went through quite a few sets of props the stock props I do not like their crap I mean I don't know if maybe I just got an unbalanced set I tried a couple them I was not impressed with them and had a lot more vibration at full throttle I thought maybe the tuning maybe the guardroom vibrating changed props out to some Dowell 4045 s and the v2s and made a world of a difference butter smooth I mean a flute great on the stock tune after that very impressed by that flight time seemed to be pretty good I was getting about four minute flight on three cell I tried four blade props for props did give a little oscillation but it needs to be tuned for if you're gonna run a multi-blade count like that and only run three selamat obviously I did try to blade props I used some older HQ 4045 4 by 4.5 props that I had it sounded like crap the flew good sound it like crap so I can't have it it's got to go what's definitely sounds a lot lower-pitched for obvious reason it has more it looks like it has more four by four point-five bullnose definitely a more of a tougher sound that's for sure so it could be causing something with the prop guards making a noise so with all that being said how did it fly what's that's the million dollar question so you tried you probably damn good and if look good on three cell I mean it remind me of like back when the wizard was new and it was oh crap this thing fires pretty good and all that so it brought back that wow there's a there's something decent here and it flew more like the 115 I was not impressed with it the first couple flights because of the stock motors originally after the new motors and all that and it's good and the thing is I was going through tree branches just doing maneuvers hitting branches kept going bounced off the ground disarmed armed going down yeah will must ate his Wheaties today or this quote because his file was the best I've ever seen it and it will share the DVR and the gaps we're getting smaller and smaller as the packs went on I just yeah I was I almost hit him a couple times because he was in the way but um it's one of those things it was easy to fly and definitely more confidence factor of hitting those branches because out here in our parking lot the tree branches are really low I can't fly any five o'clock 5-inch quads out there anymore so this being the size of five inch quad but having those guards I was able just pile our in react tree I'm the I'll early doe through the tree at once alright this arm and you know wow you made yeah I couldn't for that what's up the quad hit the ground so hard at balanced Sun was up two to three feet and kept go yeah I mean I broke one of the primary and projected a prop I unscrewed one prop from hitting in the tree branch and unscrewing because he kept going but pretty much I never had any issues to where I couldn't just pick it back up and go other than the one time I had to tighten up a prop it was just stuff on the lens oh yeah yeah it literally just had a big brown spot hopefully that was not dog crap I'm really hoping now that I just rub my hand all over that that wasn't done correct but we're good now so I'm pretty impressed with that I chewed up the props and furthermore because I felt the motors not getting even warm the slightest bit so just let you know so after he flew for four minutes or so I did four minute flight when recess lights on three so he came down felt the motors they were room temperature yeah any more battery was cooled that's good feel the motors after how long four and half minutes they're not even no lukewarm at best and today's spring day in Atlanta 80 it's about 80 degrees today so the Neyman yeah great green green grass and the battery has a battery : yeah battery and motor is powered by the same temp the motors were cool and everything was just perfect conditions so I decided let's try force up yep so we will have the link to the prop say we're using in the forest on so remember if you're gonna use forest do not use the stock props but I flew this with the 4045 B to try blades on for sale multiple flights if we perfectly find the motors got warm but not hot yes he got warm but not hot and it flew freakin awesome however I will warn you you do probably need to change settings in it because our very first flight on it it was d sinking oh yeah if I'm gonna do 400 that's a desync yep so that is probably not a good time well luckily you've saved it pretty good there yep D sing again so yeah okay so we're gonna come down and check the sheet or yeah his your problems we're kind of loose there so let's check motors are a little warm not horrible now they'll air what tight tight tight right so yeah the desync is occurring from the four cell usage so d sinking is when a motor loses basically stops and when on a flipping a roll one of the motors just gave out so it put like a tumble of death and actually it recovered every time luckily it did bet a spin or two and then recovered but continue to do it you might burn up an ESC you might damage stuff yeah so I did connect to the PL heli I did change the DMACC compensation I raised that and I lowered the timing on it those two combinations the combination of those two seemed to do the trick I didn't have and I also raised my minimum digital Idol on the quad to about 5 from 4 and this is just four 4s and this is for foresight for stuff did not change the pit 2 in any way shape or form and for that didn't have a single issue after that I bashed it around as many flips and rolls as I could just really quick hard stopping start and starting to see if I can get to desync it did not do it so our first test are basically good about the 40's still do it at your own risk I'm gonna say at this point just because the manufacturers are saying 3 so only with these motors can it be done yes we prove it you do it mmm to be done yes it can be done but again this is designed for the beginner and you know you just no need to go you're really good on three so yeah with the right process we really good on three cell on four cell it was actually very high performance I almost say in comparison so if you start now you know get yourselves a three pack store keeper um and then after you get you know if you break those packs or pick the quad then you can maybe go to force yes now one thing I did notice is the prop guards we're touching the frame when I put it together the first time I have not checked any of the production models but um I would say if your guards are up tight against the frame loosen the two motor screws pull the guard out it is a little bit of play in there get the guard away from the frame as you can and then retighten it back up okay um I think having it tight it causes a little vibration of the camera I was noticing a little bit of vibration through the camera so you refer to the physical yes no light yes so if you can make it to where it's got a gap in there I think that helped a little bit at you um just that little bit extra because there I'm sure the guards are vibrating just a slight bit um and with all the garbage you pick it up off the ground that there yeah and leave well I mean I'd shoot up the prop stores and they were getting some noise and vibration to them because they were so chewed up at the end but ya know it flew great and you run the fifteen hundred for 59 for sale and I think a third 1300 for sale I'm sorry and a 1500 for sale and you're on my thumb's again I had four minutes I was putting 1100 to 1200 minutes back in the 1503 sell so you can I live for dat four and a half minutes and he was fun working on it in check he's flying pretty aggressive you weren't just you can look in the DVR footage you'll see I got the throttle percent on the bottom of the right screen so you'll see how much thought I'm giving it and I was all over the place on the throttle just because it's a tight area out there but I was giving some full throttle p.m. as well too so there you have it the King Kong et max definitely thumbs up yeah with this went from a I wasn't sure about it – yeah this is another good one from King Kong originally the original product we'll see hey let's not say originally it was not good but that's one thing we know when I was disappointed yeah with your feedback and their ability to work with us we got the got an awesome quad right yeah and we will put the link below to the props that we used and then any other Forex props we have that we can try out yeah and then for the next couple of weeks we're gonna probably with the weather's being great we're going to just try more for props and I don't know we get these two blades I say for the sake of video we'll definitely put some video at the end of this real quick and what do you want to post on our Facebook group more the if anybody wants to watch more of the DVR footage we'll put it on the Facebook yep that way we don't bore anybody like yeah that way we don't have a 40-minute video I write – so all right there you go thumbs up for funny Tmax what yeah yep I'm gonna give it two thumbs up at this point really nice I was impressed I mean I'm surprised these guards held up as much as they did I mean I really smacked it several times concrete and grass and solid ground I mean literally I don't I'm I don't know if it was chocolate or poo but uh there was definitely some crap on the winds literally and family there's growling so apparently somebody's walking their dog out in our parking lot but all right that's enough the goal is to kill it and put it mom was their goal is to kill the quad all right well we're gonna abuse it so you don't have to I guess if you want me to why don't you come Abby's just puppy behind stick you hit the tree again

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