Tevo Michelangelo Review! Best Printer of the year? Bellissimo!

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We review the latest portable printer on the market from Tevo!
The Tevo Michelangelo! 150x150x150 Beast that will be very difficult to beat at even 3x the price tag!

►Tevo Michelangelo Portable 3D-Printer
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We have worked with Tevo to ENSURE they are not in breach of any GPL on this unit. Anyone who places and order simply needs to open a support ticket with their order number and they will be sent a secure link to download the full source/firmware.

This baby will print PETG, Ninjaflex, PLA and others like an absolute BOSS!

HEAPS of close ups at the end of the video, check it out

STL LIST! Sorry If i missed any

Hand Tower:
Michelangelo David:
Raven Skull:
The Hot End:


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g'day John for the hot end today we're having another look at the TiVo Michelangelo okay the TiVo Michelangelo you might remember we we did a quick look at the Michelangelo a little while back and when we get the impression that a printer is is going to be nice we continue and we do a heap more prints and a heap more testing just to make sure that it's as good as we say it is now I'll give you a quick overview of it it's it's a TiVo which was sent to us by gearbest it has a print size of 150 by 150 by 150 which is bigger than most mini printers or I call the mini printers they actually call it a portable complete 3d printer okay but you most of these printers this size only have a build volume of 120 this one is 150 so it does not have a heated build plate which I find a bit of a drag but anyway this thing comes totally preassembled there's no work to do nothing all you do is get your SD card that comes with it load it up plug it in print it's basically that simple even the bed leveling is a very simple process although some of the bed leveling screws are a bit hard to get out while you're leveling but yeah you get over it so this would be a printer that I would say if you're a beginner if you're someone that wants to get into 3d printing and have no idea this would be a good machine it's not expensive and it prints straight up out of the box now in front of me here I have an array of prints that we have done on this machine and like I said we liked it so we printed a lot of stuff just to see if it holds up in the in the long term and we've been using it now for a few weeks and we have had zero problems zero problems you get do I look like anybody zero problems now so we've printed in PLA with printed in pet G this one's in pet G you'll see close-ups of all of these models so even wrote it on the bottom to remind me so it prints pet G beautifully this one is in a thing called form Keturah HD glass which I'm not sure what it's based on I think it's a PLA based product but I'm not 100% sure so it definitely prints that we have seen from other people that have used this machine that it will also print ABS I'm not sure how they do that but we're going to have a go and it also prints flexible materials we are definitely going to have a go at that so once we've done those we'll let you know how it comes up now apparently the the Titan extruder setup on this is a full flow through I think they call it as the general term which means that there are no gaps in the in the filament feed which means that you can print flexible materials and it's not going to bunch up and spew out and do all sorts of weird stuff if it's got a full flow through system then it should duplex but we'll test that as well so what else can I tell you about this machine it it has good components good strong components it's built very well it's it's quite heavy it doesn't use your normal Mickey Mouse in stock type switches it uses sensor endstops which is good I like that and the the wheels and the tracks and everything run beautifully and smooth it's probably one of the smoothest running wheel setup that I've come across it's it's really nice now we have also played around with this machine with a Raspberry Pi set up and it printed beautifully through a Raspberry Pi it's not something that I know a lot about but our our co-producer here has done it on Raspberry Pi and says that it it worked really easily now the quality of the print the visits of this thing is as good a quality and I think I said this at the time when we first opened it it's as good a quality print as I've seen on any printer if not better now I've seen some pretty decent expensive printers and this thing will match any one of them the quality I would say is even though it's in a smaller size the print quality is better than a CR 10 it is better than a JG Arora a5 and it's at least as good as as or tracks which is an expensive machine now just to show you some of the prints that we've been able to get off this machine a lot of these here have been printed at a point zero eight layer height one I think this one here was printed at a point zero five layer height this one was printed at a point two layer height and this one was printed at a point one layer height now there's a reason why you've got will just cover him up there's a reason why I've printed this guy and that's of course because the original was done by Michelangelo so now Michelangelo has another way of doing things I'll turn him around for the sake of discretion here we are I know now he's got a dozen yeah anyway so the quality is fantastic this is an example that I did this I can't remember where I found this but it's it's a really nice print and it's a it's a surprise egg okay now I printed this at point two from memory but I did print it scaled up so I'll just open it so inside you will see that has something special which is this little guy now because I scaled it up you'll find that the tolerances are a little bigger for the moving parts than it would normally be so it's a little looser than it would normally be but you can see everything works okay everything it's of some sort of digging machine so that works the wheels spin the the print quality is is well it's perfect it really is perfect and that fits nicely inside the egg so if you're looking at doing gifts for some some reason that thing worked really beautifully a lot of these other prints I think we'll put the the links down below on where you can find the STL's for these prints but they're fairly common this one here is a new one from Jeffro which is Conan we've printed that several times on several machines and you'll see that over the next few weeks but the quality of these prints like this one for example that was printed at 0.2 that had a lot of supports a lot of supports and they all removed removed beautifully and it printed really really nicely does he look for me anyway so that is the TiVo Michelangelo which is a what did I say it was a portable complete 3d printer so I don't know how how portable it is but it's it's a nice printer it's self-contained there's nothing else this is the whole thing this is it right here there's nothing else and I guess if you were that way inclined and couldn't go without printing something from for a period you could take it with you if you went on holidays but I think my wife would kill me if I did something like that but it's a great printer if you're into fine detail smaller type prints really fine detail excellent quality it would be a great printer for you like I said also for beginners it would be a great printer for you and I can't recommend this one highly enough now gearbest have a link for it down below it's it's not expensive it's one that you can have as a as a 2nd 3rd or 4th printer which everybody needs of course and I'm guessing that when we do our top 5 printers for 2018 which we'll be doing later in the year I'd reckon this one will be right up there we'll wait and see don't forget to hit the subscribe button hit the subscribe bell give us a shout on on patreon we really love our patreon supporters we often have things that are exclusive to our patreon supporters say get involved get one of these and I'll see you on the next video what the hell is this thing anyway it's got a facial anyway you

18 thoughts on “Tevo Michelangelo Review! Best Printer of the year? Bellissimo!”

  1. Thanks for a great review- as always! I am really interested in the Michelangelo but seems so little information about it. Am not sure I really want the hassle of a kit- but am torn between this and the Ender 3- and maybe the AnyCubic i3 Mega and …… the longer I wait the worse it becomes!!!!

  2. Thanks for this vidéo !
    I just receive my Michelangelo but I can't find a nice profile for Cura or S3D to print PLA well or TPU Sainsmart
    What slicer do you use and can you please share your profile for diferent filament types ?
    Thanks in advance and see you soon

  3. ►Tevo Michelangelo Portable 3D-Printer
    https://goo.gl/SZT6Xk Coupon Code: TEVOche $209!
    (Coupon may or may not work, check the pinned comment for latest code if any exists)

    Dont like Gearbest? No problem we have you covered:
    and use checkout code: "thehotend-M" for a nice discount

    Dont Like Gearbest OR Tevo direct? Amazon! https://amzn.to/2KaGtJH

    We have worked with Tevo to ENSURE they are not in breach of any GPL on this unit. Anyone who places and order simply needs to open a support ticket with their order number and they will be sent a secure link to download the full source/firmware.

  4. If it had a heated bed I would be all over this printer. I want something this size or a little bigger but with either a 24v bed or an AC heated bed for high temp filaments. So I am really looking at the ender 3.

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