Tao tronics wireless headphones pairing to iPhones

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hi guys we're gonna show you Thai atronics wireless headphones which I've just received today and I'm gonna show you basically unbox a and then you know how to pair here with your iPhone iPhone 6 or 7 or pretty much all the same so let's let's open the box and see what is like so this sort of headphones they're quite latest or this buttons here for volume for the coil received and on an off button and there's a aux lot so if you want to use it to connect with the wire with your phone and there's also one side has the USB which you can connect to charge this headphones so I'm gonna show you guys real quick and really simple how to connect with your iPhone so first of all just go just go on your phone settings so go on bluetooth and then you need to turn the Bluetooth on and in the meantime you need to leave your phone on the side and turn on your wireless headsets but make sure you have to hold it just over 5 seconds as soon as I show you a light which is green and blue I guess and that's will show you that it's in a pairing mode so you need to keep holding it till it so it's on that now and then we will show on my phone that is in the pairing mode so it's showing me on my phone now and I will just go and say connection and then it should be saying it's connected and then after can connected it will show you just a green just a blue light which will be flashing so it's it's simple to like there your format guys and furthermore they have this information hard to start up but to be honest you don't really need all that and it comes with two cables so one is to connect your phone with your headphones so this is should be this is called aux cable you probably won't know about it and so this is quite easy way if you just you know hanging and you wanna be just connection like quickly to your phone or any other device that you can use without if if that doesn't have Bluetooth so you can use this to have it and connect your headphones and the next thing is they go this small cable this is I'm just gonna open it now this is how you connect with your your headphone to your computer or a charger so this is a this is one side and this is a USB so you can just there's a slot in here you can just connect to your headset and so and then connect with your charger or your computer how you feel like well that's all for now guys take it quite good so gives a thumbs up and hopefully you liked the video thank you bye

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