Talk Techy To Me: How can I be a professional drone racer?

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In this episode of Talk Techy To Me, we’re learning about how autonomy can save homes from bush fires and even explore the depths of the oceans. On top of this, we’re also talking about our Alpha Pilot international competition where teams will develop artificial intelligence algorithms to pilot drones. Watch now!
hi guys welcome to talk techie to me my name is Brooke and I'm Marc and today we're gonna talk about Lockheed Martin innovations with us today is Keith an autonomy strategist so Keith how did you get into this emerging field of autonomy so I started out at Lockheed as an engineer and I was very passionate about plying hard sciences to hard problems and I became inspired about the identification and integration of new technology always staying on the cutting edge so I started working as a tech scout working with small businesses and Silicon Valley and other innovation hubs to really find the latest capabilities and start working with them in ways that we could bring it into our products and services one of the emerging areas that I became passionate about was artificial intelligence and autonomous systems and our company started putting together a central strategy around that and I just jump right in so Keith I know there's lots of benefits to autonomous technology can you tell me what we're doing here at Lockheed Martin to advance this technology sure so AI is really everywhere that we're going from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of space the rover that just landed on Mars had AI embedded in our submersibles that are doing inspection in the Gulf after natural disasters are using autonomous control algorithms and we even have exoskeleton systems that use embedded AI to mimic human muscle movement and provide added endurance for users in the field so Keith's drone racing is so hot right now I understand that you're involved in drone racing and he talked to us about it and how it ties in to autonomy yeah I am and I'm really excited to talk about alpha pilot it's our new international competition I'm the program manager and I'm really proud to say that we're offering two million dollars worth of prizes to teams that can develop artificial intelligence algorithms to pilot a drone autonomously through professional drone racing courses we've partnered with the drone racing league and NVIDIA to bring the latest GPU capabilities and the most professional high quality drone sports together in a way that's going to Celer eight artificial intelligence and push the state-of-the-art Wow I am super jazzed about this can you tell me how this is going to push the industry forward sure so there's a lot of industries that are using AI from healthcare to energy to aerospace and everything in between and drone racing is just a great common ground to bring together practitioners from different backgrounds and different interests from software programming to gaming to drone hobbyists and really work on a common problem and we really think we can push a state-of-the-art and possibly outfly a human pilot by 2020 that's our goal and we think everyone should rally behind that and everyone's friends and family that just loves sports or seeing technology change before their eyes can come out and watch well say no more how do I sign up so as Lockheed Martin employees we can't compete an alpha pilot but we can act as mentors to the hundreds of teams out there we want to pair our best and brightest with the best and brightest the world has to offer to really achieve the goal well Keith I have to ask you talk about how drones are keeping us safe but word on the street is you swim with sharks I have a few times yeah an avid scuba diver I loves going on Safari surfing mountain biking I've dabbled in some falconry and some other strange things anything that's adventure for adventure sake well I'll be on my couch if you want more information about alpha pilot check out all the information below and thank you so much for coming to the show thanks for watching we'll see you next time bye guys see you

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