Sony X1 Ultimate 8K LED TV and A8F OLED – Hands On at CES 2018

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Sony has made a quantum leap forward, with a world first TV that is capable of 10,000 nits in their X1 Ultimate Full-Spec HDR 8K Display–an 85-inch display. This is pushing the limits of what HDR (high dynamic range) can achieve.

Next, we’re taking a look at the Sony A8F OLED TV, a development of one of our favorite TVs from last year, the Sony A1E OLED. This time, it’s different in its form factor, where virtually everything else is the same, but potentially less expensive.




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38 thoughts on “Sony X1 Ultimate 8K LED TV and A8F OLED – Hands On at CES 2018”

  1. Hope they come out with a new OLED flagship at CES with NO back speaker, NO back stand – all the electronics in a separate box that fits in your HT cabinet. It should not have the electronics strapped to a useless speaker that should just remain in the shipping box. Hopefully in a 8K 85" model at CES in 2019 – not a prototype – the real deal.

  2. This 8k bullshit is just a pissing contest at this point. Nobody is going to afford or care enough right now to push this further. Ecentually, when OLED and 4k is phased out, content creators will be more accepting of adopting the format of there's a big enough content push. Note: 4k is still in its infancy so don't expect a consumer option any time soon, especially since the average consumer can barely afford a 4k OLED at the moment.

  3. Such bullshit. Where TV is usually not even broadcast at proper HD we are all forced into 4K and now already 8K.

    Problem is they only show photos and specially manufactured content. But watching a football match with horizontal panning is even at a €9000 a drag.

  4. Not impressed. Where is the variable refresh options, does it support 4K at 120fps, what about FPR 3D? Throwing more resolution causes so many other problems, but streaming services just want another tier to sell you I guess AND then we can get yet ANOTHER Bluray player. This TV can't give us the cinema experience when they don't support 3D anymore.

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