Sony Bluetooth SP700N “true wireless” earbuds! Are they worth it?

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Sony is really making an impact in the headphone game! This review is on the Sony bluetooth SP700N “true wireless” earbuds with Extra Bass and Noise cancelation technology. If you have ever watched any of my videos in the past, you know I test products for awhile and then do my reviews in order to give you the “good” and the “bad” on all of the products. Well, what are you waiting for? Watch the video! 
I also added 2 links below. One is where you can find these brand new. The other link, is where you can find them for HALF PRICE! Enjoy!

Check out these Sony SP700N true wireless earbuds here on Amazon:

Refurbished / Re-certified and half the price here:
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all right welcome back to unwire tonight we're gonna do another video and this time we're gonna do a video on some true wireless earbuds these are the sony SP 700 in with noise cancellation and extra bass you probably saw commercials on them but this time you're gonna get an inside scoop on the good and the bad with these particular headphones here we go okay as you can see I am a headphone person I want to be able to put on headphones that just take me into another world let me experience something different most people want a headphones because they want bass they want treble they want loud noise they want quality they want durability I want it all pro number one these are true wireless earbuds if you want to listen to just one ear but at a time you can do that or if you want to listen to them both you can do that there's no cables the second thing the design of these are super cool they come in this small little charging case that once you charge this you can put these back in here on the go without a charger and just charge them inside of here this slides up you put this inside like that you put this one inside like this they automatically cut off the lights light up and then BOOM they're charging number two I have to say I did not expect to get the noise cancellation that I got with these particular earbuds when I say that these things block out all outside noise they block out all outside noise I got the same noise cancellation on these that I got with some over the ear headphones that was super surprising the other Pro definitely the comfort the way these fit inside your ears I mean literally just slide in they also have if you can see this little hook that goes into the cliff of your ear to prevent them from falling out now I went running with these things working out with these things and not one time did they fall out this comes with about four different sizes that go on the earbuds to fit inside your ear and they fit snug and tight now you guys hear me talk about this all the time if you've ever watched any of my other videos when it comes to ear buds or headphones I have to say the call quality with these ear buds was by far on a scale of one to 10 a 10 the combination of the noise cancellation to go with the call quality definitely set these apart from all the other earbud that I've tried now I know that we talked about a lot of good pros with these particular headphones but you guys know me my videos wouldn't be the same if they didn't have the real-life cons of these products so let's just jump right into that and start with con number one the price these are running for around one hundred and eighty dollars but if you look on the screen behind me you can find these on Amazon refurbished and recertified for $79 over half the price the second con that I want to talk about is the 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity on these headphones for one-hundred and eighty dollars I want Bluetooth 5.0 but Sony decided to keep 4.1 Bluetooth technology which is from 2013 inside the pair of a hundred and eighty dollar headphones why con number three you probably saw all the Sony commercials where the guy in the girl they're running in a downpour of rain these are ipx4 ipx4 means that these are sweat and splash resistant so how they were running in the rain and then setting them on the table and just letting rain fall on on them and putting them back in their ears is beyond me but you definitely can't do it with these now the other big con you're going to read the box and the box is gonna tell you that you get three hours of battery life well I can tell you I've been testing these for about two months and the most I've ever gotten out of these was probably an hour and 45 minutes the reason that is is because these don't play really loud so you pretty much have to turn the volume up on your phone or whatever it is you're listening to to get a real deep quality sound by doing that the higher you raise the volume the less battery life you're gonna get so if I play these super low yeah I might get three hours but if you play them at mid to high you're probably going to get around an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes like I did now a lot of you might say oh yeah that's nothing I can work with that but here's the other downfall about this being that this has USB micro instead of USB see it takes longer to charge these if you want to charge this case with the headphones inside it takes about three hours to charge the case with the headphones now if you have this case already charged and then you get through using the headphones and you just want to plug the headphones back in like they are here and then let them charge inside the case it takes the headphones about an hour and a half to charge now I'm charging these for an hour and a half to get an hour and a half usage that just blows my mind I want to let you guys know I enjoy doing these videos for one reason and one reason only and that's to give you guys the good and the bad with all these products so you can make an informative decision when you go out to buy something again this has been another fun and crazy video from underwire I'm out

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  1. so if i'm looking for a quality wireless headphone set, mainly to workout in what would you recommend, seeing that i'm mostly only working out in them i probably wouldnt spend more than 150?

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