Samsung LCD TV Fixing Power Supply Problem

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*Update 2015 August..TV is Still working!!!!!

It’s been almost 18 months since my friend and i fixed this TV and it is still working just fine!
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0:10 Symptoms
0:28 Removing Back of TV
1:39 Remove the power supply cage.
2:06 Detach the wiring. (Be aware of Hot/Cold. We didn’t worry about it because the TV was off for several weeks already).
3:20 Remove the board.
3:54 Finding the bad capacitors
4:06 Removing the bad capacitors
6:05 Soldering the new capacitors in place.
7:19 Review of what capacitors we changed. I just bought the replacements on Amazon. 1000 uf 16v were what I used.
7:50 Putting the board back.
8:53 Testing the fix
10:04 Testing again……


I have a Samsung 52 inch LCD Television that I purchased in 2007. It’s still a great TV now. My specific model number is the LNT5265F. My understanding is that this problem is a common one with Samsung models near that time. I’ve even seen posts of this being a problem on other brands. My TV was well past the warranty period when two annoying problems started to happen. 1) I noticed many purple dots showing up on the screen. Not enough to completely ruin the picture, but enough to make you a little crazy. If I powered the tv on and off it would usually clear the “screen acne” that I saw. 2) Over time, the tv would make a constant repeating clicking and bleeping noise while turning on. At first, it was only 20 seconds or so..then took almost 10 minutes for the tv to start. Finally, the TV wouldn’t turn on at all.

I found many fixit videos, and forum posts. Most of them pointed to the same issue, bad capacitors. I don’t submit this as a howto…just a “what happened” clip. The video is just over 10 minutes, but the actual elapsed time was more like an hour. I had help.

Filmed with Canon 60D with Tamron 28-75 and Tamron 10-24.
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  1. Got the caps ordered for my LN52A530P1F – will replace them when they arrive. Mine's doing the clicking and resetting itself before power cycle is finished. It usually only happens when the TV has been sitting cold for a couple hours. Sometimes helps to unplug the main power, wait for something inside to click, then reseat the power cable.

  2. I haven't tried it yet but this looks very simple and straight forward. I'm sure this will work, since i've already taken the back off my TV and noticed 3 buldging capacitors. Thank you!

  3. I had to replace the power supply every year for 3 years in a row when my TV was 3 years old. Now it needs another power supply. My next TV will definitely not be a samsung.


  5. i dont have any bad capacitors in mine, and i just got it fixed 5 moonths ago and my warranty just expired. I hate samshit, i thought their galaxy phones were bad, their tv are worse. i wish i knew what the problem is. if i pay to get it fixed again it might stop working in another couple months.

  6. Ok I took the board of my lcd tv off and it been 3 day I just started working at it and a little spark came out with now power running will it will still be ok to keep on repaired it or the bord not good

  7. With a TV that size an extra set of hands are priceless. I got one sitting in the living room. Looks Goood  would look better if it worked. To akward to handle by myself.  Great Job guys !! 

  8. I have sony bravia model KDL-22BX300 which is dead set, I think the problem is the power supply, may be somebody can help me were can i buy a new power supply board and how much is the cost… thank you so much..

  9. Woah man! What on earth is that thing you are trying to solder with? Might I advise that anyone feeling competent enough to tackle this use a good quality iron with low earth leakage so as not to damage sensitive components and ideally a soldering iron that does not have a bit like a six inch nail. I personally use Antex and they are excellent.

  10. You guys rock ! Just a reminder to everybody else who will try this at home, be careful with the capacitors (they are polarized, just follow the markings of the original one). You can take out the capacitors with a desoldering tool (available on Radio Shack, the desoldering tool sucks the solder), where they got the solder and soldering iron. Sometimes adding a little solder to the old solder joint on the green board (called PCB), helps loosen it up.

  11. Thanks Guys! I googled my tv problem bought the recomended items for $9.99. Then I watched your video on how to do it. Based on the look of a bad capacitor I replaced it and what do you know it worked. I was going to toss the tv but what an easy fix for me and I don't know how to fix electronics at all. Thanks again guys!

  12. hey guys I have a 32 inch samsung LCD TV. and it gives no response when connected with the power outlet. There is no Red light no blinking its just dead. We called the TV repair guy he said the power supply got burned. This happened when my Dad hit the cable wire behind the TV by an accident and there was a little spark there and its not working since then. Can you help me with that thanks

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