Parrot backpack review for the Bebop 1 and 2 drones

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Just a quick review of the backpack for the Bebop 1,2 drones from Parrot. Couldn’t find much info about it so decided to make this video.

Ordered from Parrot website in the US for $99 in March (now its $129.99 😮 ??? ) and got it very quickly. The package was very well packed and arrived undamaged.

Link to the Parrot store:
hello Internet today when I give you a quick overview of the parrot and backpack for the bebop to bebop one and drone so I couldn't find any information online about this packet backpack like more pictures the actual dimensions so I decided to make this review for anybody who is interested so here's the backpack how it comes made of the material that you will see in any other backpack over there so it should be durable and lasts for quite some time so let's go from side to side there's a pocket over here with a strap that will help you to hold like long items like maybe a tripod or I don't know umbrella and keeping it from I don't know swinging back and forth when you walk oh maybe bottle with water back is soft straps just standard there is a waistband over here for the support nothing extraordinary there is a another pocket here with this deep line handle yeah there is nothing on the bottom just flat like that I like this pattern though it's a little props as you can see so let's see how it's organized inside so we open it like this the cover opens 180 degrees completely giving you access to the internals there is a two pockets over here one smaller one bigger I store props and tools here here you can put your tablet or whatever and there is a this pocket over here so from their booklet seems like this pocket for the indoor hole for the bebop one drone but here you can store something like lawn and flat yeah maybe tablet again yeah Wes bebop to drone is not really needed here because there's no indoor hole then you open it like this this and leave this and this cover folds like that the drone itself store it in this form shaped pad that goes on top of the sky controller you have to take props off for the bebop to drone and they actually include two inserts one for bebop 2 one for bebop one and for bebop one you can keep the props attached as you see because drone is smaller and will feel like that on top yeah then there is a form pads to protect your sticks on a transmitter nothing really holds transmitter in place there's no straps or anything so it just like lace here and hold by the cour on top but that's secure enough then there is a two pockets included this they are identical you can store like charger cables maybe extra batteries here and they also give you these two extra straps and you can attach your drone to the outside of the backpack like that and then let's say if on a hike you're moving from one spot to another you don't have to take the props off and just a touch drawn here move take it offline and then when you're all done then you can remove props and put it back into the backpack so that's nice and so they have a welfare straps but they don't stick to the sides like this because this material doesn't stink but bottom and top does stick to these pockets like that but not the sides but would be logical to have them stick like that but it doesn't so well also there is a pocket for the laptop over here and you can easily fit 15 inch laptop in there maybe even bigger yeah the whole backpack is quite large they could definitely made it smaller for the bebop 2 and then even smaller for the bebop 1 but it's like a standard backpack that you will see for the Phantom 3 to drone the size is approximately 9 inches tall for 16 15 inches wide and 19 inches long and empty it's not heavy at all I would say under 1 pound so altogether it's not heavy at all so yeah that was a quick review of the parrot bebop to bebop one backpack

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  1. Thanks for the review! I have just got this back pack and didn't realise there was the back side pocket. You say it's for a laptop and you could use it for that, but I think it may be for either a tablet taken out of the SkyController or even the Parrot sun shade (folded flat) that comes with the SkyController. You can use it for anything I guess. I also didn't know what the two short straps were for…attaching the drone to the back of the pack. The only thing I find a little annoying about the backpack is the fact that you have to take the propellors off each time for the Bebop 2 but apart from that it's a really nice, lightweight pack. I've subscribed and hope you put up some flight videos soon 🙂 Craig – Australia

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