JBL Endurance Run Review and Unboxing | Best Budget Workout Earphones under 20$/Rs. 1000

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Here is the “JBL Endurance Run Review and Unboxing | Best Budget Workout Earphones under 20$ or Rs. 1000” Video. Sorry for the delay in the video as I was setting up my studio. Btw what are your thoughts about the new set? Comment Below.

Summary :
JBL announced their new series of JBL endurance headphones/earphones series for workout/sports/fitness freaks. There are total 4 earphones/earbuds in this series i.e. endurance run, endurance dive, endurance jump and endurance sprint. All of these earphones are sweat proof and water proof. With JBL Endurance Dive earphones you can also swim with them.
All these earphones are available in most of the countries so make sure to check the above links out.

JBL Endurance Run are a great pair of earphones. If you are looking for a budge workout headphones/earbuds then you’ll be so satisfied with this product. Although I’m sounding like a salesman at this point but those are just my raw views. I think these earphones are great for workout, gym, running, jumping or any sports activities.

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[Applause] are you looking for a budget park out here phones then JBL and newest one might be for you my name is Cher and this is the JBL ng respond review and unboxing so JBL recently announced JBL and us series which are earphones designed for sports person they are total of four earphones in the series the JBL endurance run endurance dive jump and sprint and what I have here is the JBL endurance run these are one of the most inexpensive one among all so what's great about them is that their sweat proof that means you don't have to worry about water seeping inside and damaging them so that was the summary of these earphones but now let's take a look at what we get inside the box when you're buying one up I think I don't have to mention how cool they are in packaging products or am I so used to see Amazon packaging but anyways let's quickly unwrap these earphones mmm the main box looks fine and as we are in the process of unboxing this let me quickly remove this plastic sheet now it's good so this is the retail packaging of the JBL and the rest on earphones on the front of the box you can see an image of the earphones itself there is the logo of the JBL on the top and here it says endurance run along with that it says flip hook which means they have designed these earphones in a way that you can gear them either in behind the ear or in your style also these earphones are sweat proof which is a must for sports oriented earphones here on the right side of the box we can see their tagline which is there to listen and being honest it's not a good tagline but anyways if these sounds good doesn't matter moving to the back of the box the first thing we see is another tire which is never heard never fall out we'll test that out later if that's true or not but other than that we can see the price of these earphones which is 1600 rupees or $20.00 and it retails around 1300 rupees which is roughly around fifteen sixteen dollars but if you are lucky enough you can buy these earphones from the links down below the description and you might be able to get these earphones for chest twelve dollars or one thousand rupees like I've got mine on the bottom there are a couple of features listed here hands-free calls which is the included inline mic magnetic buds which are the magnetic earbuds which is a must for a sports earphone and flip hook technology that's what all it says in the back of the box and as we move forward to the other side of the box it counts another feature which is SPECT roof now is even most of the sports person expect from sports earphones this makes the person don't have to worry about the water sleeping inside the earphones and damaging them now just below that you can see what's included in the box which is the earphones itself some extra tips and manuals it also says the frequency response of 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz and along with that it says eight point five millimeter which is the size of the driver tinting earphones itself now those were all the readings on the balls now let's quickly unbox these earphones but for today we will skip any of the magic tricks for this part as the unboxing experience of these earphones is for checking out so wrong box this earphone there is this little handle here which can grab and pull up to open the sports and after opening the box the first thing you notice is the earphone sitting nicely in the package on the left side here are some more features about these earphones JBL really tried to put as much feature as they can into these earphones so here it says twist lock technology flex soft lightweight flexible secure fit and on the right side of the box there are some more here we demonstrates how you can view these earphones in these positions and as these earphones also have the inline mic you can input multiple commands to play pause songs change songs and what's cool is that you can also hold it for three seconds for using Google assistant or Siri enough reading of the box now let's open this up let me grab my knife for a second so first up here we see that you phones itself is looking very awesome but as protect YouTube tradition let's put this aside for a moment and take a where else we get in the box now here we get some extra ear tips if you want to get precise fit and other than that we get some user manual and push that guide and by now you might have guessed it but I'm going to do with them so that was the unboxing of the JBL endurance well now let's see how it performs in the real world and see if it can be called the best workout earphones under $20.00 or 1000 rupees first of all let's talk about the design of the JBL endurance one J will release the JBL endurance series these earphones are design oriented for sports activities like gym workout running swimming jumping and other fitness activities there are total four earphones in the series the JBL endurance one and un sprint endurance jump and endurance type all these earphones share some common features and all these earphones are waterproof except for the JBL endurance run which is only spec proof so designed by JBL endurance one earbuds are designed very nicely they are designed like a traditional workout earphones the earbuds have a sporty look and it comes in all sports color that you can think of that is black blue neon green teal and red that I have right here there are tons of features on these earphones first of all as I mentioned earlier these earbuds are sweat proof which means you can do all of your workout without worrying about water seeping into them another great feature these earphones have is the flipbook which means the earphones are designed in a way that you can hear them in here or behind the ear position and this is so great to have for general purpose IV these earphones in your style and when I'm crazy on my workouts I go with the behind the ear style and let me tell you guys when you wear these earphones behind the ear style it would be really hard to knock them off and why it is hard to get them out it's because of the twist lock technology what does it mean by that is when you put these earbuds in your ears you have to twist them a little bit which makes a secure fit into your ears and it firmly sticks right there and if you want to remove these earphones all you have to do is undo the process so it's a pretty good thing as you are not worried about them to come out easily also this year buds are magnetic which is a great feature as this will help you to manage these earphones of your neck using them now I know you are happy about the set proof and all this good stuff but most of you might be concerned about the comfort level of these earbuds so you would be happy to know that these earphones are not one of those earphones which hurt after a few couple of seconds but JBL endurance one are comfy air buds and you can use them all day long without hurting your ears people are able to use these earphones for more than 12 hours a day although they might have some hearing issues and few more months but anyways the point here is that these earphones are comfortable enough that you can use them for longer periods of listening even if you bought the gym membership a couple of months ago and the only time you remember going to gym was taking the gym membership itself and now you're looking for a new earphone saying that you need for sake of workout they let me tell you guys you can also use this earphone as a daily driver and you can only use this earphones for your workout only but you can also use this earphone in your office house school etc now work out your phone should be meant to last long it shouldn't break easily in your first gym session so let's talk about the build quality and durability of the JBL endurance run so for the build quality of these earphones that I have to say that they are made decent I don't expect any earphones to last long for my calisthenics workout but if you're looking for this earphones for your regular workout gym running skipping jumping etc then you should be fine with this these will last quite a long time with you and although I'm expecting a good life from the earbuds but what I'm concerned about is the cable because this earphones are wide earphones the cable is much more prone to break but what I suggest you do also check out the wireless earphones new series as they are much more convenient to use now speaking of the cable the cable connecting the two earbuds is a pretty durable quality and it's soft touch rubberized material cable as like any other wired earphones when I love the cable is holding the area buds and on the other end there is three point five millimeter gold-plated jack which is used to connect the earphones to your media devices now there is also housing which is holding the inline mic and a multi-function button which you can use to answer call play pause song and change song and if you hold the button for three seconds then you can also use it for Google assistant or Apple Siri as there is only one button which means you cannot turn volume up or down from the earphones but anyways here is the quality of the inline mic the inline mic is pretty decent I think you will get away with it now when it comes to isolation and sound quality which is the sale determining feature of any other device then I have to say that these earphones are awesome sound earphones but great about them is that the earphones are very good in creating an isolation from the outdoor environment the isolation so good that you won't hardly able to listen to your own voice now as far as the sound quality goes then I have to say that these earphones are great sounding earphones the frequency response is great as this earphones have a frequency response of 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz they produce a very wide range of frequencies with the very rich low-end and crystal-clear high frequencies these earphones shines on almost every genre of music everything is great about these earbuds headphones earphones you can call them whatever you want but what's great about them is the price the JBL endurance run retails around 1300 rupees or $20 but if you are subscribed to the channel follow us on social media where I post the discount alert you can also get these earphones under $15 or 1000 rupees so make sure you are subscribed to the channel so you won't miss that out so that was today's videos you can check out the links down below description you can also check out my review of the JBL tune to 0-5 BD wireless earphones if you're looking for a wireless earphones in the top right corner in a info card so that was it hope you guys enjoyed this video just click the like button below and subscribe to the channel if you haven't you should do it and I'll see you guys in the next one you

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  1. These earphones are completely crap! They should be in a dollar store. They echo in your ear, unlike what the reviewer said they fall out easily, are difficult to get in with the over the ear, and the sound is totally sub par to any even the cheapest earphones.

  2. I must say this is really a great channel… your video is good and i like your editing as well ,specially when you have shown different earphone colors. But may i ask what is it's sensitivity cause i am little bit sensitive to high db sound. Thank you!

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