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Hey there Crewmen here is part 2 of the orginal video of the goji vr headset review now to the part 2 how to use the headset , so dont forget to like and subscribe and follow my twitter as always!!

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hey guys – hey Chen and welcome back to another video and today I'm gonna be doing a tutorial on how to work or how to use the goji VR headset now the recent video I did a month ago on this this got a lot of you the garlic arts like 4,000 views and I is absolutely incredible to know that a lot of people interested in this particular VR headset and they wanted to look for some cheap I'm easy to use and long VR headset now well everyone that's been commenting down below on the actual video you know wanting to know the most question I got from this was how do I use to go to be our or how do I get the game on today go to VR headsets I can use it so what's going to it like I didn't make this explained in the video I'm just going to tell you again so you do know so if any of you have actually bought this you all of you know you when you open it up you're hot like this just here and all that but then when you open up you have the sticky pad here why stick your phone on top see that would be the last step after when you'd know how such users but um what you need is to have a phone now this is my temporary phone that I've got is the Microsoft Lumia not your Lumia phone is a bit crack they see but I'm just going to show you how to actually use this now this isn't probably the best example because this isn't technically a good phone to use for the goatee VR I want to do is simply when you're actually using this is typing VR games either VR games so then when you search it up you get fun different VR games so you get roller coaster track speed racing gunship theocracy real rollercoasters VR commando action any VR games like that and for example let's say I want to install a gun shoot VR game well let us download for a bit so then after one that downloaded all you get a VR game or I've already have so if we just search here she could search it somewhere done it let's say is the roller Coster of the our target like here already so once you got there again downloaded from the App Store or Android store Google store whatever type of phone you have plate iPhone windows and Joey you just have to go in like that right there so for example this isn't again this isn't the best example because also you have a better phone to use it with so then I thought when you've got that game on click on there like that and the screens face in there so then it will face for with you or bright and then click start on it it is actually work and then obviously you click it back in and then when you put it on you'll see it through is right here so if I just test it yeah you'll see it right for you you can't exactly see it here it is quite magnified so to give you an idea then go on the actual game right here and see the actual PR thing working Nazi was work by heart and yeah pretty much how to use the go-to VR headset simple one you download a VR game off the App Store Google Play or anything head up your choice depends on type of boneyard – once you downloaded it get your phone sticked on to the go gbr pad simply like this so then it won't come off whatsoever sorry close it up just like this flip onto your head make sure it's all clicked in place right and then once you have it on your head strap in and enjoy and then we just want to focus your eye sight adjusted move these up or downs move one knot down one up or keep them both up or both down okay that's pretty much it that's how to use the go gbr headset is pretty fairly simple it isn't that hard to use whatsoever but as always guys thank you so much watch this video if you want me to do some videos of me actually using this with a better phone like an iPhone or anything make sure you like this video and make sure to comment down below what you want me to do on the are these videos in the future so thank you guys so much watching – hm peace out


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