Flight Sim with Oculus Rift VR, FSX, and FlyInside

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Here is my firsthand experience of VR Flying using Microsoft FSX, Oculus Rift and FlyInside plugin.

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5 thoughts on “Flight Sim with Oculus Rift VR, FSX, and FlyInside”

  1. Many Thanks Lenny, I did all just you mentioned but still not working and says it taking so much. With P3d V4 native VR works fantastic. So is something related Flyinside and FSX to let them start. Maybe in Fsx.cfg
    Thanks again

  2. Lenny, I can make fsx flyinside works with my Oc rift. It says taking so much time to start and once closing flyinside says to restared to change adapters take effect. But always the same. Any idea… thanks in advance.

  3. Thank you for this nice video. I am not flying on FSX a long time… but after watching you video i am thinking in try it with Oculus. I Can you tell me how good is the video quality? Do you use any special video settings/addons? I know today's VR has side door effects… but I would know how that affect the experience in FSX vr.. also, how accurate is the oculus touch to set radios, and and stuffs inside the virtual cockpit. ty

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