Finally! Autel Evo Release Date

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Autel Robotics has officially announced June 25th, 2018 to be the release date for the Autel Evo!


CORRECTION: 900MHz signal is no longer listed for the RC. Only 2.4GHZ for connections.

4K 60FPS 100Mbps Video and 12MP Photos
3-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilization
Transmitter Range up to 4.3 Miles
microSD Card Memory up to 128GB
iOS and Android Apps
GPS and GLONASS Positioning
Intelligent Flight Modes
Forward/Downward/Backward Sensors
Foldable Quadcopter Design

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hey guys welcome to coogee tech time I'm David and today is a great day to be a drone enthusiast today we have the official date for the artell robotics evo we've been waiting since January when I was announced at CES and today's the day they're telling us June 25th is the official release date so it's been a long time coming I know a lot of people were upset about that but it's officially here and it's ready to go now last week the parrot anafi and naffy whatever you can want to call it was released has some pretty cool specs some interesting things about it it's a little give-and-take with the parrot anafi we asked you guys in that video right up here does it take off enough of the boxes that you want to be able to buy a drone so that question today is does the evo tick off enough of your boxes for what you're looking for in a camera drone so let's talk through some of those so we have a 4k 60 frames per second video 12 megapixel camera we have full vision sensors for forward obstacle avoidance as well as down and it's creating a computer model of the environment around it and helping to judge if it can go over or around when it's in tracking mode when it's just in regular GPS mode it is not doing the judging if it can go up or around it will just stop in front of an object it also has infrared sensors in the rear of it that will help with obstacle avoidance when you're doing those rearward move into movements as well now it's not a super tiny drone it's not small like the the Mavic air or the spark or the anafi it's a little bit bigger it's about the size of the Mavic pro now one of the big things is is they say 30 minutes very similar to the Maverick pro and 4.3 mile distance so those are kind of the main specs it'll do waypoints when you're using the new brand new explorer app it'll do active tracking and several other things that only you can do when you're using the explorer app on your phone but you can fly the drone without the Explorer app just using the remote that has a 3.3 inch OLED display on it that when you're using it in conjunction with your phone it will also display a bunch of the telemetry data and an information a lot like the Maverick Pro does but it does even more especially when you're using when you don't have the Explorer app it'll get a live feed directly to it so you can see exactly what you have now that 3.3 inch OLED screen has three hundred thirty minutes of brightness which isn't super crazy bright but it's enough to be able to see it in the sunshine as you can see when I did an interview with Jacob from auto while back you can check out this the interview series right up here now when it is streaming back and you're using the Explorer app it is using 1080p so again it's very similar to the Maverick Pro in the technology that it's using for that signal it's not Wi-Fi it gets that four point three mile distance and it gets a 1080p stream on the way back so a lot of those sounds a lot like the little tick boxes if you were saying this is what occu sink is it would sounds very similar that to that technology I don't know exactly how similar it is but very similar in in its behavior anyways in terms of the features that you can do with it now the one big difference with the Evo from the Maverick Pro is that it is using 900 megahertz and 2.4 gigahertz for its signal not 2.4 and 5.8 now having that that 900 megahertz will allow it to penetrate a bit better through trees and other small objects the 2.4 and especially 5.8 gigahertz has a bit of problems being able to get through so it'll be interesting to see how that works out how the signal strength works out and what people really see in the real world so there are some people starting to get get there's there's some reviewers online that have done them a couple of winners from a contest from CES that have also got theirs and are starting to publish some stuff so keep an eye out for those I'm still holding out auto if you guys watching this I would love to alright so those are some of the major points of the new Evo if you want a lot of detail will have whole series check those out with the interview with Jacob he gave us lots of detail really in-depth lots of details so go check those out now let's talk a little bit about the video that was released in some of the comments that I've seen for Montel come out since so one of the things that I had talked about in part two of my series was that the Evo is only going to be sold in the US to start off with not in Europe not in other areas they at the time at least they didn't have si e certification they were working on it and they're also working on sales channels and how to sell and support outside of the United States that's not done yet and you can see a couple of comments from auto on that from today so we'll see how that ends up playing out I know a lot of you guys outside of the United States we're really looking forward to the Evo looks like you may have to wait or maybe a bit more difficult for you to buy it so it will see how we'll see how that really works out in the real world one of the things to watch out for that I noticed I saw a few comments about it was while watching the YouTube video that they released they had some snow scenes in there and snow is really hard to be able to capture all the detail because it just gets blown out so easily because it's so bright so much light coming off of there so it'll be interesting to see what a real-world video of regular users how the contrast and the the dynamic range ends up being I think it's gonna be really good but that video kind of made me question a little bit about that so it'll be interesting to see now one of the other things I noticed was they showed a screenshot of the Explorer app and there was an icon missing that is shown on their website of the Explorer app now the Explorer app on their website looks like this and has an extra icon down there in the bottom right hand corner which is VR now if you see the one in the video it does not have that icon on the website it says VR goggles sold separately but I haven't seen or heard anything about those VR goggles so it'll be interesting to see is that a feature that they've taken away or is that something VR goggles that they're gonna come out with in the future or does that work with existing goggles that are out there that's not something I've really looked into maybe the answers already there and I just didn't see it but that's one of the things that I know people have asked me and questions in my previous video so thought I would mention it if you've got answers about the VR I would love to see them leave leave some comments below maybe you guys know more about that so let me know what you think one last feature of the Explorer app that I'd like to point out is that in their video they talked about that it shows you weather and flight zone restrictions now they show in the video weather how it shows you the weather on the screen in the Explorer app but they don't show you what they're talking about in terms of flight zone resect restrictions Attell has told me and they've told other people that there are no is no geofencing so i'm interested to see what the flight zone restrictions are that they mention in the video if I get an answer from I'll tell about that I will follow up leave a comment down below with more details on that alright guys so the question of the day is does the Evo tick off enough of your boxes to want to buy it they've got great customer support it checks off most of the boxes most people are gonna want but does it take off enough for you to want to buy it leave me comment down below if you guys like the content I'm putting out there I'd love for you to hit that subscribe button like the video or hit that thumbs down if you don't like it that's up to you but leave me a comment what else would you like to see what else do haven't we talked about what do you want to know about the auto robotics that maybe we haven't already covered or you haven't seen covered out there already June 25th should be exciting looking forward to see it and the parrot anafi June July 2nd coming up fun times be gentlemen drone enthusiasts hope to see you guys soon take care

34 thoughts on “Finally! Autel Evo Release Date”

  1. Video technology will be COFDM "coded orthogonal frequency domain multiplex " it's what DJs have been using and a lot of large military type uav's have been using. It has been a very expensive technology and long range units still cost upwards of $10,000 what this space though because it's becoming more main stream. The fpvblue project is using cofdm.

  2. Hey there MR. Gee , Hope your doing well today. I have concerns on the Autel doing away with the 900MHz . I have just contacted Carolina Dronz and they have no answer's but is trying to get to the bottom of this. With the removal of that second band that will most likely cut the flight range in half:( I live in a heavily populated area and rely on 5.8g , this works much better for me then 2.4 .This may be a deal breaker for me until I can get to the bottom of this , I just cancelled my pre-order until I can get more definitive answers .
    Any new information on this subject or insight would be much appreciated … Autel will need at least 2 frequencies to be able to compete with ocusync or even light-bridge for that matter…. Not totally bummed out still have the ANAFI to look forward to.

  3. This is going face to face with DJI's Mavic pro line of drones. But Mavic pro was almost 2 years ahead and for electronic stuff it is a lifetime (development cycle, new products based on previous one, research, market share, customer base, etc) . I hope AUTEL can catch up and create some competition for DJI.

  4. I like what I see so far but video quality is tops for me. Most drone companies are getting the flight and handling down pat but at the end of it all a drone is a flying camera. Still want to see how the Mavic Pro 2 shapes up.

  5. Commenting on the question asked: it's absolutely a wonderful drone, unfortunately it's too heavy for Austrian regs to put it in good use. Most of the features are in fact not legally useable, so here again, great technology, thumbs up, first hands on reports state it's a great flyer and has stable connections over larger distances (in my opinion outside VLOS, so illegal here and no use for me). Obstacle avoidance also on the rear is good, but no new development, on the sides would have been real innovation.
    I consider Evo to really have fulfilled the mission to bring out a better Mavic Pro, time will tell, if it is a better Mavic Pro2 as well. My gut tells me that even if Autel can do it, DJI will not allow it and use their might to outrun Evo with the Mavic Pro2.

    David, for you connected the subjects: Evo ticks a great many of boxes, but not the one relevant for me, Anafi ticks out more of my boxes. But this does not mean I consider Anafi the better drone, it's just more suiting my personal needs (and legal frame of possible usage).

  6. I would like to have one. I have certainly checked most boxes but it will depend in price. Shipping costs and taxes for Europe will set the price well over 1100 USD and that's to much for my wallet.

  7. Autel Evo use to mutch time before drone come on marked. Yesterday I order DJI Mavic Air Combo Flame Red. And I have DJI Inspire 1 V2.0. from before. I know what I get With DJI. And when Autel come DJI come With Mavic Pro 2)).

  8. Too little too late she cried, now that Parrot have released their new drone the Evo is somewhat dated now, they have missed the boat altogether and should have released it months ago and as far as it being available only to the states at this point in time will be the final nail in the coffin for Autel.
    The launch and was badly handled from the start and now DJI will release the Mavic pro two to combat Parrot and Autel sales, droners know the flood gates are about to be opened and unfortunately Autel will be swept away, at least Parrot have a innovated drone that is relevant now where the Evo was months ago but are no longer.

  9. If dji wants to squash autel, they’ll have to announce the Mavic 2 before the autel release date, because people are going to drop money on the evo.
    If dji has anything they better step up to the plate before the market spends its money with autel.

  10. Regarding shipping outside of the States, I asked Autel and they said that third party suppliers should have no problems with shipping to Canada. I called Carolina Dronz, where I pre-ordered, and they confirmed they'll be shipping to Canada.

  11. Oh I'm exited that Autel has a official release date for the EVO. I already prepaid for two units. I would like to know what accesories will be available as official and aftermarket items such as case, range extenders, LED propellers, FILTERS and so on.

  12. Some youtuber, can't remember who, had talked to Autel folks for quite a while at CES (?) and was told that Autel is planning to release three EVO models. First one is this model coming in June, next one will have a camera with a 1" sensor, and the third one will have a 360 degree camera. That's where the VR goggles come in, I'm guessing.

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