Earn Money On ClickBank Step By Step 2019

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See How an Actual ClickBank Account gets created. Literally, Step by Step, showing all the steps, process and information to enter to successfully register your ClickBank Account.

I have had a few people ask me to show them exactly how to Create a ClickBank Account Successfully, which is exactly why I produced this video, which shows an actual account being created, from start to finish, all in one go.

So hopefully this will help and guide a few people that were struggling to Register Their ClickBank Account and ensure that they receive that “Congratulations on registering your ClickBank account” message, and then go and turn their knowledge into an additional source of income.

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hello everyone welcome to this YouTube channel my name if your first time here my name is Mark from Pinoy influencer my channel is all about how to make money online how to invest your earnings online tutorials and motivation and in this video guys I'm going to teach you and step by step how to create a click my account type how to promote Clickbank offers and were to promote your Clickbank link all right so now this is my demonstration account or one of my account in Clickbank first I'm going to show you if I have result on my demonstration of how anyway if you're new I invite you guys to please subscribe to my youtube channel and please on your notification well so that you will update every time I uploaded a video all right so when March 6 I earn in just one day $117 alright just one day and in March 4 iron again 17 point $12 so even if even in my demonstration hunt I still make money on this quick maja okay now I I am going to show you on how to create an account from scratch alright so all you have to do guys is just type click back away just type click back on your Google or Mozilla way whichever you wish to use alright so click back thus type click Batman if you are ready in there dashboard all you have to do is click create and home so just simply click the create and home alright so there okay so this is what you can see after clicking that create a noun so all you have to do is type what country you are in so me I'm from Philippines so I have to do is click Philippines search for Philippines then click Philippines and then your first name you can use your today okay I can let's just use my name and then put your meet your last name and then your address all right so let's say this is just a demonstration address way then this complete all the the top here alright so state so just a demonstration your city your phone number and your email address just type your email address your valid and active email address right so I'll just type away this is just a demonstration and then all you have to do for click next step okay now this is very important when you create a click but right so the payee name your name because they will send your earnings to this name this is so important so make sure to write it correctly way so so that you will receive your earnings in click but then your bank name okay so let's say my name should be my bank name also then Bank country away so let's say I'm from Philippines okay and then all you have to do is click I have read and agree the terms and condition then next step the account information click bank will ask your username and your password and that's it okay so that's how easy to create an account in click but now if you are already in your out like this okay all you have to do if you want to promote a product all you have to do is click marketplace so this one just click that one right then as you can see you can find here categories so what needs do you want to promote so there are lots of products you can promote in click map so if you want to know how many products you have to product you can promote is big search and then you will find around 4500 66 available products as of today that you can promote in click map now let's go back to marketplace right so if you as you can see in a website portion where you can find a lot of categories you want arts and entertainment betting system business investing computers so if you want to promote if you promote products here's this is my advice just focus to three evergreen niche okay the health needs or the health and fitness the relationship and make money on life needs alright so let's say this is just a sample if you want to promote on health and fitness niche way let's just type and health and fitness right so this is what you can see after clicking that away so sorts results sort results by so you can choose popularity or gravity gravity is I usually use gravity because this is actually the product is actually made sale for the first seven days let's say this one flat belly Peaks around 218 people made scenes alright so this product is really a good product so if you want to promote let's say this is the product you choose ok the flat belly fix all you have to do is okay you can just visit first the same space or the landing page and then away if this to make sure that this product or this product is actually very good ok you can just check this out okay so let's say you choose flat belly fix to promote all you have to do if you want to promote is click promote anyway this one thirty eight point thirty for every time you made a successful sale you make thirty eight point thirty four per sale this is a twelve sale after I if you meet a sale if you want to promote click promote alright and then this one this is my account nickname then you can type a tracking ID you want to promote the same email right so then you can also use in FB or you can leave it block a rate no problem let's say Facebook then generate hope links okay then all you have to do is you can shade this one and copy or you can use this one to copy away and then you can use bitly to shorten so that it's not scattered or become spamming so you sweetly and then I need to sign I don't want to sign it or you okay we are already here at bitly if you want to short them just click shorten or create then paste it here okay and then create okay you can copy this one copy and then now you cannot promote to your Facebook account or you can promote it on email you can promote it on your messenger you can promote your link on your Twitter to yours Instagram to your blog to your YouTube channel okay there are lots of ways on how to promote your Clickbank product let's say you can use in Facebook wait wait you can just type it here hey guys check this out the argument you Iowa who made you to use what I use to use what I use for the past seven days and the result is amazing this is just a sample guys right so amazing and then put your link here please and that's it okay they will go and write direct to flat belly fix when someone by way using your affiliate link you made a commission alright so just simply click share or you can use your email here to your email friends you can share it to them this your affiliate link you can use your Twitter you can use your blog you can use your YouTube channel to promote your affiliate Li when someone by using your affiliate link you made Commission that's how easy to make money on Sigma right but now the problem is if you're just promoting with an active like this you cannot make a good money or a big money because it consume a lot of time okay that that the solution away the solution is to create an ads or advertisement alright so you can use Facebook you can use YouTube advertisement a way to promote your affiliate link alright so that's how you can scale you can make a big income using this strategy and now the good thing or the good news about this strategy my mentor all right my course is going to create or going to have a free webinar on how to promote your affiliate link using Facebook ads YouTube ads and other advertising platform alright if you want to access I will show you a way this is a free training on how to earn a seven or a six-figure site income online okay this is a free webinar all right so if you want access to this I will put the link down below to this video and all you have to do okay is click the link on that video on my description and then sign up for free training all you have to do is click sign off okay choose what date you want to to watch the webinar okay choose your time choose your time zone just put your first name and just your email okay just put your username and your email and then that's it you can now start you know you can learn now on how well you can learn now how to promote Clickbank products using advertisement using Facebook ads YouTube ads and other advertisement platform actually guys this my mentor is really making a seven to eight figures income using this strategy so if you want to listen or learn to this to my coach and my mentor all you have to do is click the link on the description of this video of a sauce hope hopefully guys this video helps you on how to create a Clickbank account so easily way so if you want to watch my videos okay all you have to do guys is subscribe to my youtube channel okay and that's it this is this is it okay all you have to do is click and up now thank you for watching guys once again this is Mark from Pinoy influencer see you guys on my next video

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