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Rory Feely – Hopflyt A channel wing eVTOL

Ian more on UK regs

Cat amongst the pigeons, Heathrow Christmas eve was an RC model

DJI’s little issue

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good afternoon good morning good evening wherever you might be that was a super long time I've said that before and you don't know before I start and get into it what I wanted to us I wants to ask Bruce one thing and some of my family have come down there and although they recently have you seen them on their holiday in New Zealand at all who's there so some of my family's been over there I've been parently been enjoying your beaches and and having a rare old time from what I understand they look like you I haven't recognized did I oh yeah oh yeah you don't you've done three W or ever you tweak that's a terrible English Irish family that cause no end of yeah they're salt of the earth you know we really like them I think travelers that way I believe so yes or yes romantic dramatic travelling folk yes but yeah they even made the news here big news though are thought I'd see your suck you in there but I didn't do that very well well hello everybody well what are these Racine you know just before we come on there Ian Ian had already broken a big story in the UK last week I think on fact on Friday I think you'd seen that well Ian won his Rory Rory's doing this g'day Rory let's cut straight to Rory we'll come back to you cuz Rory's on duty hey dear Rory I'm doing well thanks yeah pardon pardon the late arrival here I hope I didn't disrupt anything oh no no never any disruptions well Rory freely you are a man that's gonna tell us all about bounce um well about channelings and hot flight and your mission I hope she can unpack that a little bit for us yeah sure so we are a small startup company based in the eastern United States and your primary mission is to is to be a part of the solution for transportation issues with growing traffic around the world so speaking to some us numbers in probably the top ten major cities here in the US the average American spends 240 plus hours a year stuck in their car so when you break that down from a comparison to a workweek you know that's somewhere in excess of about 7 to 8 work weeks right more time than they spend on holidays and causes businesses lost productivity causes family issues I mean you name it I think everybody could align with the I'll say destructive nature that might sound a little dramatic but the destructive nature of just being stuck in traffic and sending several gallons of gasoline into the atmosphere and going nowhere so that's kind of like the big squishy vision of it from a practical standpoint we are building an aircraft that is an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft and we have some unique design aspects that we've use competitive strength so if you know about vertical takeoff that falls into an area where thrust has to be greater than weight and that can be very power consumption heavy now particularly if you were to try and match that so just to give you some rough numbers right if you want to be the bare minimum for thrust greater than weight I would say you have to have a hundred and twenty percent thrust to weight ratio otherwise you will have no real manoeuvre capability if you want to be a fixed-wing aircraft and use wing borne lift for flight you probably need to be somewhere around the 25 to 30 percent thrust to weight ratio so how do you match those two capabilities up and create one air air vehicle so that's what we're doing from a technical perspective and the way we get after making that solution a little bit more palatable on the energy consumption is to use the channel wing and a few other design design things in there you've said that before it was a very long ride in that elevator but I will say is um you're you're obviously I believe in you contract I'm fast yet driver was just uh what's you fly Aghori mainly helicopters but I'm qualified in you know from an FA perspective I guess in commercial small commercial fixed-wing multi engine planes and then also all manners of helicopter not fast yet so you've you you have come from the genuine aviation world I mean that in a disrespectful way but you see you know we're talking about with the flying part of things so you know that part of the equation I'm quite interested that you won't caught my eye and it guys if you go and have a look for Rory and a flight on LinkedIn you'll see that you used a and in fact your website at the top flight comm FL y-t-dot-com you use the Bixler you you bent the wings of the Bixler and that was your test machine so that that caught my eye and then made me look further and then and made me look at channel wings against and I had known about why did channel wings go away white whale they everywhere why they solution why are they the solution but that very well put it back to you all right I'll try to get to more the elevator style speech I think like anything else they were challenged by the other technologies at the time to make them viable so one of the big things was if you were to really and they did fly in the 50s for those that don't know and they flew quite successfully in a couple of test programs but one of the one of the things they struggled with was the loss of directional stability in forward flight at low airspeed okay and the other thing that they struggled with was the high nose of attitude that the pilot would have to work with in order to land the aircraft so if you are going to or more in-depth explanation on that but you know essentially look at the tail section of an airplane as being a wing and if I get that below stall and I've got no directional stability I can't keep the aircraft going you know nose pointed forward and so the channel wing allows the aircraft to get really slow and still be airborne let me I'm going to draw a diagram now for people that maybe can't get to the site but really what we're talking about is I'm getting the whole 3d rendering machine out is a wing with a unit and then you you put the profit there and I guess for your beetle you're gonna swim all the whole lot to go from yeah vertical to horizontal flight yeah that bends correct and you know that design that you've drawn right there and you're a fantastic artist by the way is a that was actually a fixed-wing aircraft that flew like that first so even in a fixed-wing aircraft with normal fixed-wing configuration essentially what you're doing there is you're drawing a lot of air in over that aerodynamic shape you know at low speed so that creates a lot of wing on the lift which is basically free lift right so that opposed to doing in the bottom of this channel everything's gained drag through there and you're giving yourself some advantage exactly and then in order to accommodate vertical takeoff we're just rotating it and this is an Evo so it's gonna be LCD electric quite a big machine I'm looking at a new arrangement how many people it's a carry that is designed for four and weighs about 3,000 pounds so somewhere on the order of maybe like thirteen hundred and fifty kilos well and what's the plan to be completely autonomous so a pilot sat in there for a while or regulations settle down or how's the plan how's it gonna go out the gate yeah I it's got to go out of the gate with a pilot and we put the what we call the hooks in the background for autonomous flying I just see the regulatory barriers being an insurmountable task at this stage of our development game we kind of have to pick a few problems to solve and go after those rather than go after all of them yeah yeah you know if you were to have an energy source that wasn't so constrained as batteries then you wouldn't be worried about the pilot you just pay for that in terms of energy cost but from a from a business perspective if you want to drive the concept of profitability in earth layers like well now I've just got some fancy self-loading luggage talking ballast so it's a deliciously different design I like it very much for that reason but does anyone else want to jump in here cuz I'm monopolizing Rory okay perhaps you can explain to me how are you going to land this thing in a vertical mode with any form of headwind because once it's in the Tilted wing configuration you present an enormous profile to the oncoming Airstream so if you're trying to land and a slightly windy day LA in a small area how you gonna bring that down without that frontal wind blowing it all around the place because I dare say the angle of your tilt is not going to be fast enough to cope with rapid changes in wind speed no that's a very good point and well recognized you know we will have a lot of sail plane area to contend with one of the things that we've done from a control standpoint is we are actually tilting the wing and we're doing differential tilt on the wings and canards and then to the point where so now I'm getting after with direct thrust so maybe y'all might be one of the weakest areas of control and something like a quadcopter configuration and in a hover we are not that different so how do i how do I get access to different degrees of freedom by the way I love some of your YouTube videos I've used them quite a bit so I appreciate that I've forgotten your name but I instantly recognize your face so that's a great question hey so in for example for y'all will do one wing one canard will tilt in one direction and one wing and one canard on opposite sides will tilt in the other direction that'll give us access to the the direct thrust I as an aircraft it will still suffer from some of the challenges of the environmental blockade we choose to land into the wind do we choose to land sideways to the wind and have this problem with the fuselage great questions that some stage testing will will hopefully reveal some of those answers I don't see it any different from other tilt wing designs that are out there and they would have to contend with it too but I think it's a very valid point you also raised the oh yes we'll put on your website you say using Cointreau tailing propellers now assume you're running each prop on the contrary tan shark with the separate motor so you've still got some form of your control yeah that's that's exactly right but actually for us for your control right now and if you take a look I don't I haven't posted this video to our website we actually went away from let's say the traditional quadcopter varying rotor speed for your control and went straight to differential thrust only or not differential wing incidence I shouldn't say differential thrust so basically changing the wing incident and you know that seems to be great for right now for the scale that we're at let's let's see if that I haven't anticipated any problems but nobody ever does because then they wouldn't be problems as we grow and scale and we have size to deal with in higher disk loading to deal with but the efficiencies traditional craft like a helicopters helicopters are typically the urban transport vehicle of today so what are the benefits of this craft over say an electric helicopter you know it'll be forward flight speeds I mean when you get into electric helicopter or even you know traditionally powered helicopters you're working against large amounts of rotor drag additionally with the traditional helicopter challenges from an operating cost perspective as can you get the operating cost down so if you were to do electric helicopter and do that well yeah I until you get lift on a wing you're not going to get any real efficiency so if you're doing electric helicopter you're gonna bump up against battery charge density and there are some very successful designs out there and by successful I mean that they've demonstrated one they can fly safely and two they can carry people I would look at whether it's a hang 184 or I think the Surefire maybe a hybrid but they're out there right they've basically taken the the quadcopter or octocopter approach and scaled it up and work the reliability piece to put a person into it at the same time they're gonna run into forward flight speeds of maybe 50 miles an hour and you know flight durations of probably somewhere on the order of 20 minutes so what about killing Who am I your biggest competition no I don't see Kitty hawkers are our biggest competition I see companies like lilium I see companies like wow I guess yeah I guess now when you say Kitty Hawk I was thinking of their Kitty Hawk flier but I think more of Cora and or any of those other wing born ones that are out there right so my father's there's probably I jump to conclusions on Kitty Hawk but yeah there I mean being owned by Larry Page and he's got his fingers in about two or three different designs at one time yeah there are definitely viable competition and I know some of the test pilots working on those programs and they're they're very smart folks so one of my most iconic they're a long way along the path on because if you have you got your model going into transitional flight you Tory is still working on the hostage no we have it we have into early stage transitional flight we haven't got all the way there in terms of like hey I can definitely say we're all the way in forward flight that's one of my tasks right now is to write that test plan and go and we've talked about different ways of approaching in other words do I fix the aircraft into a kind of a fixed-wing mode and then take off in as a fixed-wing airplane and work through our different control strategy because you gotta understand there are no elevators or ailerons on this aircraft and then try and hammer that out and then save the transition to last or do we start in a hover and just incrementally increase the airspeed and build out the test plan that way and then decide okay right about here's how we transition out of traditional let's say hover flight control laws that we've developed into for flight control those are things yeah I think the transition is very interesting because some of delivery drones have seen operating the way they transition out they tend to come a lot of several of us or when went straight up in the vertical or did a long time they did it with that whole transition and they they didn't do things like you might do in the helicopter like back away from a confined area and land forward or consider that and that sort of a thing did that that piece of transitioning of Evy tolls beetles blurry beetles all manner of sorts certainly has to be resolved in this trade is very much being done well give above the ground and then go and it's very inefficient to my mind sorry there's a bit of a ramp they'll be off all of the transit transition bit with interest after you vary there are also other issues with transition be especially got a dual wing a sort of canard issue as well because the real wing is going to be operating in a duty if some stage in the transition and is that a controllable part of the flighty envelope if suddenly the rear wing is blanketed and no longer operating will the aircraft simply pick up or fall to the ground those things are quite critical and having worked on some craft like that before I can say there are some phases of a transition which I would be paying close attention to and and I'd like to hear when you get past that point you can do a safe reliable transition and all conditionality yeah so to address a couple of your points area here's a few things that I've seen from just my own research and then things that I know from seeing other craft that have transitioned and worked through that face so momentum flow as it comes in a through the channel at some stage you know you can largely say hey we're in we're in static air and then we're now going to have we're gonna change the inbound air vector and what does that do as I try and now Bend that air down into the channel because we haven't tilted the wing forward that's one the the other piece that I've seen from older aircraft that have gone through transition phases in the past as they tend to use leading-edge devices on the wings whether that slats to increase the lift as you go through there to prevent things like stall and NASA had a similar issue design in in the past and what I've noticed is they tend to transition the rear wings and I say wings and canards but I mean the rear set of flight surfaces at faster speeds and the forth than the front and that is to prevent pitch up problems during transition so there are it's by no means an easy task otherwise everybody would be doing it and you know I think the points are valid and what I'd say there is there are some advantages then to our design you know we tend to think of an aircraft traditionally aligning with the flight surfaces in some sort of fixed mode but I mean I could I could take this aircraft off and have wind moving over the wings and just be accepting flat plate drag area of the fuselage and then get after transitioning maybe maybe more conservative and benign ways you know so that's one of the advantages of being able to rotate the wings like that is okay so what are the degrees of freedom I want to use and do I want to use them all now or not you know so that's that's part of what our flight testing will reveal I'm using crazy me and Chris in the comments I 4-cd did have a flying model yes they do they do and I don't know if you have you gone beyond what we've seen on your channel up for the challenge in those joining they're more models there are we actually have were you know about six months will complete a build of a hundred pound prototype and then we also have already started the fuselage molds for a our you know full-size manned prototype aircraft so there's a couple of other things Bruce that I didn't address in your question regarding the impingement of vortices on the aft wing and all I'd like to say there well I won't talk about all of our secret sauce we'll probably raise the aft wing on our larger scales so that is higher than the front but there's a few other things we've done as well to at least address that problem it are you bad weathers Brucie's drop down one window and he's there with another you're also meters yeah I know it's something sieve my network connection was lost in minutes ring me often now I'm here too or just disappeared it's going on researchers also yeah there is flight video if you look put the link above your comment they if you look in their phone ferret around in their website and you'll find you'll find evidence you'll find evidence this and that yeah I saw as I sort on link then I thought this is interesting this is different not going down the normal route Wendy when well who will be purchased them from you Rory I don't know I'm trying to figure out what they're doing so not trying to openly disparage other folks but so they partnered with Bell Helicopter is one of their many partners and then Bell came up with what I would consider a rather disappointing design yeah no III just leave it at that or saying okay you're not really solving any of the problems that people asked which is mainly get off the gasoline and you know anyway so not sure what their play is on it I mean and James in the comments for you Rory James done films asking what is your certification strategy I'm sorry you broke up a little bit there what is my something strategy sir what James dental is asking or what is your certification strategy and what standards will the aircraft be built to now that's a great question I think a lot of that is currently in flux right now I think we will go you know we're gonna just fill the first one and probably something that can carry a a passenger so that's at least a two-person aircraft and do it under the experimental strategy and then fly that extensively to prove out the concept as far as getting the aircraft certified for commercial operations you know that I guess what I'll say is that could be a huge money pit endeavor so some of some of our look at that was to be a fast follower in other words be a Facebook not a Friendster or what was a myspace um I know the FA here in the u.s. is changing their approach to small aircraft far part 21 and a few other things so and then part of it is like I gotta solve some of my big problems first and then some of my big problems later and that's a big problem later all right just so maybe not a complete and satisfying answer James but that's that's the reality of what we're doing right yeah oops the perps a more urgent problem will be have you got approval from the FAA for you 100-pound model since this exceeds the 55-pound that's allowed under other regulations as you d see that as being initiated I don't see it as being an issue in terms of getting approval to fly there are plenty of places here where we work where similar experimental models can fly so but yeah it's it's a concern as we get to that so now how do I get an operator how do I get them certified how do I get the aircraft certified and registered with the FAA and I've taken the preliminary look into that you know some of the first pieces to get around that could be to do some of the decent testing where it was still tethered to the ground like we've done in some of our recent ones so even that goes a long way before we even get let's say free flying and airborne but that's also valid thing that we've got to get after and have you been inspired by keen Mulla Kent Muller I'm sorry I'm not familiar you don't know you keen motors they did the inventor of the flying car I'm investigated by the hundreds of old aliens yes yeah mo e ll er I'm sorry it didn't quite come through clearly on the on the hangouts here no I haven't although I did meet one of his I guess partners / employees / protégées at the last Weber elevate conference and yeah I mean I don't know why he was maybe a little ahead of his time you know oh good answer good good answer good answer let me don't want you to say anything how is the feeling in the room who were they was it sensible heads or was it shiny look at these new thing heads yeah gosh be careful what I say you're sorry I don't don't don't let me lead you down the gun sorry look it's my personal opinion I I'm a bit of a tech guy right I like the techie side of stuff I like solving the technical challenges I heard a lot of business fluff on that stuff and all of that needs to happen it's not bad stuff so please don't interpret it that way it's just you know and I can see right there they look at the world through how do I grab as much market share as I can and then you know the challenges with big businesses they get constrained by how they deploy their capital you know they're not either the response of two different boss and if they so they're wearing the risk against the benefit in there they're always conservative in that case you know you know I didn't see as much on the tech side as I want I'm actually more interested in going to the new vertical flight Society formerly known as AHS those conferences and I've had some of my colleagues here we presented AI double-a and those kinds of places to me that's more appealing yeah I will probably if I had to be open and honest I guess I would be and I would do this if I was somebody else I would transition out of the company when it is at that stage where it's got to become a business as opposed to an experimental aircraft development company you know I can't have all skill sets right mine are in flight test and aviation and on the design side with the team I'm you know and you it works great for right now right you would host a lot from I see a lot of posts about your temper test pilot school there oh you're a test pilot as well I am indeed yeah I'm the I'm the executive officer of you name United States a naval test pilot school well that's that's quite a good thing to fish up you know that's quite a good qualification to have in this world well you know let's just means I'm a regular pilot that's done a little bit of math you know I mean they're you know disappointed we despite the Lord with that it does give you a practical head a very practical head when testing this sort of thing and perhaps ability also a trained ability to walk away if you think no this has got work whereas other people might continue I'm not saying it's not gonna work but you know a more measured approach to everything yeah I would hope so otherwise the Marine Corps spent a lot of money on a vegetation well you know we definitely get a with you with it with them the test pilot school is where all test pilot land at the helm it's gotta be one to watch and we will keep watching with very great interest um would you if you've got time would you stay with us and argue with us now as we move on through another couple of topics to the top of the hour yeah I don't know if I could stay to the top of the hour and let me just double check on pure on time no no worries you you if you have to go you go and that's all good they understand John GT yeah I will try and hang out for another few minutes because I'm very interested in what you guys are talking about so Wallace they're a tiny people because I've got to go pick up my kids ah the real the real work yes yes all right let's just get back to in in now you discovered something last Friday about a little change in their UK regs that we all know that coming out and it's not as a result of the gap with incident which I see cost one of the airlines their reckoning fifteen million quid it was all on on the cards anyway what did you find out last Friday Ian yeah I must admit I wasn't I wasn't the first person the spy but I was probably one of the first to actually delve in and figure out what was going on so just in a comment to say that being an update to the wording of the consultation document so I thought about delving and see what the impact of that is and it's quite a significant one so it's being done under the guise of a mistaken and it might be it might not be you always got to be concerned you know are these changes on the sort of political duress so we had the situation where it said that we were going to have an extended ATS ed and the restricted zone was going to it's between four point six and five kilometers depending of where whether the end of the runway so we knew that pattani but what you said originally was drones under or basically if your drone was over 250 grams you were call if it was under 250 what 250 or under then you would not have to concern yourself with that extended sound so that's the bit of wording that they've changed they basically said that a small drone is any drone from 0 to 20 kilograms and they'll all be affected by the new extended zone so it could be a mistake from the viewpoint of they might think oh we created a loophole because we've made the 80s head so that you could fly 250 to it so you wouldn't want that but you don't have to change the wording and say captures all jobs you could have left one kilometre as it is now catch all for all Jones actually safety buffer and then put the remainder of it from one kilometer up to five kilometers she could then say well if he drums above 250 then you're still going to have to consult us because what we've got situation now is that it can have toy drones so but here's where we get my very basic drug and so here's Timmy and he's in his detached house with his remote and he wastes of eyes little try Jerome that's about the size of it you know size of a biscuit mmm and now what's gonna happen is it's mom's gonna have to call up again oh and say can I have permission to fly that and then when he's finished flying it and he's charged of one of the battery and he's out again it's can I have permission to fly that and so on and obviously it might be nice to might be say yes you can but they might be yeah you know might say oh I fed it would be calling if I go and all the time no he can't that's the situation win it and I don't think anyone has actually thought about the impact of that you know how many I mean ah for starters even you 250 drone pilots they're fine little races to find it uh you know between trees through obstacles that's their kind of fly and not find it up in the sky to be bothering air traffic so you've got obviously two fifties but and it stopped below 250 you know a lot of that wouldn't fly particularly well outside anyway it's the kind of thing where someone's you know they might risk in the garden but they probably wouldn't risk it much further because you could get blown away by the wind so she is just I mean would does air traffic control really need to know about a drone this size or smaller you know do they even want to know about it do they want the workload as anybody that's the question well isn't isn't it the perfect lead-in to the thin system and I've forgotten what the what the acronym means but isn't that what they want to draw overs towards it is an app based reporting system isn't this leading the way into that they do at the end book given we know that's on hold for the time being that given the consultation everyone was so against you know that might be two three four five years away for all we know so you know should we be prepared to name its bird actually for the drone pilot and it's a burden for air traffic control as he as it's been proposed at the moment well and then in the diagram that that that you displayed your rendering there it's a Timmy's mum as well because she is actually then responsible for that flight and overseeing young Timmy and his safe operation of the aircraft I think is she not sure is she who is responsible Timmy's never taken a test from me Timmy's taken the test to say that he's say that he's covered yeah I mean this is where the confusion that come in the consultation I think what they were trying to clarify is what we were worried about the first was John kids not being allowed to fly drones and then what they clarified was kids were going to be allowed to fly drones and he became now if the parent would have to buy it and own it and so essentially responsible so if we accept that that's the logic that the logic to me would be with a parent of Polly more like to call I mean I atomic controller gonna probably be mum or I know anything also you know six-year-old kid on the colander well so they Paula it was it yeah he does bring in a question I mean I don't believe anyone when they're thinking about legislations really thought that scenario thinking is that really the best use of everyone's time and the the the legislation really what you should become more concerned about is you Mavic seem and even then they're fairly alive but yeah you'd be more concerned about you found terms your inspires those kind of crap I'm not concerned about them at all what my concern about was a fixed-wing airplane I'm concerned about Oh Tundras that's Rob seek on the ones T Tundras gone because you are very topical because the chat the chap that was arrested not arrested was bought in for instant on Christmas Eve in the UK just a savvy throw was actually and some people are saying he might have been a BMF a member as well but anyway he was flying them on their airplane not a drone at all shocking yeah I mean with that I mean I don't know if anyone's confirmed it would be my paper but he did say he was part of a flying club for certain he's he's been Daffy that in that is he's flown close enough to an airport especially what's going on though he said he didn't know what was going on I think he's from outside the UK originally and so he may have a music see I'm not really familiar with the language maybe or something I don't know but yeah he said he wasn't aware which I think when we fairly tough not to be aware with it the way it was on the news but anyway he's gone out and he's flown his plane has happened to be spied and so he's being made offenders all you have been made an example of if that happened earlier on in the year well we know already because we added the drone that was near the Prime Minister and the other guy was just told off so I think previously he'd have just got a slap on hand and now they've had to make an example of somebody so that there can be you cite this example say watch yourselves oh that's the minimum of what's gonna happen to you absolutely and why loose end not knowing as little as no excuses truth but Louie where he was flying you can see the fins of the aircraft over the back of the hotel hotels the ring road oh yeah Bruce says now now you know I like to have a guy regulators yes you know here in New Zealand no I sent your link Gary to a video did you get that of the shielded operation as shielded operation I see and they're very well and the biggest belief that regulators have this we're not going to use this regulation because someone else thought of it first in a New Zealand CIA for all its faults has done an extremely good job at dealing with this whole issue of flying small craft like Timmy with his little drone near airports and that come up with this thing called a shielded operation which means basically if you're flying under the trees or you're flying within 100 meters of a tall object and don't exceed the height of that object then you're not going to be a danger to aircraft so that's it you can do this right up to the boundary of an airport so long as you follow this shielded operation requirements and it means that suddenly we don't have a problem with airports being an issue for kids with your toys and it's a brilliant thing it's worked perfectly we'll have not heard of one instance where people have abused this or where it's caused a problem so it's a solution to the problem that all regulators have got but as far as I'm aware it's only the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority that has this policy or this regulation other countries have probably said oh that's a brilliant idea but we didn't think of it so we're not going to do that we're going to find kids too and our thousand quid for flying outside their houses you know 2.49 nautical miles from an air traffic control zone this is you know crazy so can you post that link on the thing for anyone who's good I'll say is good you know yeah it is I'm just a thank man RC flight information and notification service thank you very much for noting that and I'm going to disappear off and find Bruce's video on my email list here but when they say UK give a settle down Ian is it dark is it falling away from the news is this the beginning of people forgetting no I think this is start over 2019 a year of Asteria reckon that means the House of Lords having a meeting today and from what I've seen posted about what was being said from that it sounds like they're talking about you know about playing the law as quickly as possible and to the full extent that we can so I mean as long as we've got a situation where sightings can be made and not evidenced it's just going to continue on now given we know the airports are getting the counter UAS in hopefully once they've all got that they it will then settle down but as long as the police investigation is going on and there's no conclusion I don't think things will settle down until after that until the piece say we've got someone on the admit then say we didn't have enough evidence but we've done all we can I mean we've heard this in the last few weeks for example the police have said they've got about 60 people of interest but I've seen comments already that includes commercial operators and one of them has said he was specifically had a visit from the police because his neighbor has issues with him and had it deliberately named him for getting if it's it so that seems to be the quality of that the places of information effectively is that they're relying on calls in of people saying I think it's Joe Bloggs and the people that are calling us causing simply don't like the neighbors you know they've had an issue over parking you know boundaries of property or they've seen them find the trailer and don't like it and that's what's driving it so unfortunately I think you don't get to the end and the police will be able say but we've done our job because we've got all these people we've done all the reports we've done or the I don't use interrogation so that's the media word which is what interviews you know they're going you know d-doesn't so it does sound now that since the original couple that you know it's a lot karma you know this go ahead and just having a reason conversation so you know did you have your charm there and if they forgot any Gaucher's you know can we see your locker and I think that's as far as it's going and so it will basically it will run its course but until all that's done and dusted I think it will continue on and it's going to continue on as long as valper keep making a fuss out of things which that I mean really I don't know for what drives I'm only bow Panos I mean obviously people got the concern of thinking maybe this won't hold the drone industry because they know you know one of the first things that would probably be automated in general aviation when they can do so is you know cargo planes between countries and so on and obviously that can go from drone technology but even killing Jones completely in the UK will not stop any of that because that's global development most of that's not happening in the UK anyway so whatever restrictions were get in the UK the you know the world's going to continue on and you can't haunt technology it the ultimately things will happen they're going to happen yeah ya know you know you're right you're bobbing dry about the developments happening and the big hope our big hope of the bigger part of the industry is the first big unmanned cargo flights will be between very remote places in China to very remote places in Australia just to give it a go with second and 7 for sevens and stuff like that there's people seriously looking into that and it could happen could I'm very very easily couldn't and then eventually those places won't be so remote as it were you know it'll really not a normal Airport yes maddis he says that things will never be the same we've been victimized now it just might go back the public are now heightened to it and ops are getting regularly questioned and someone says that Bruce looks like wick te Bolger I have no idea who that is but there we are that's new at me what was the first few were there first well I'm gonna have to spend a great deal of time on Google it's a shame and there is a shame that was a model aircraft the one thing with a mobile aircraft though the one silver lining out of that it did give me a laugh a minute because it what had happened in the UK no I think it was bang out aboard a very childish pathetic and it shouldn't have happened was when we had all the the kickoff in the media with Gatwick and Heathrow there was some sort of meme that was done by the BM FA you know the basic you said our members are responsible it's all down to the drone fliers effectively and obviously today is proven it's it's the if they're no better you've got individuals in controlling a model it can be either party but frankly as we've said I still think he's been made a a an example of but it brought it on himself yeah yeah absolutely comments 10 says don't fly over the fence from Heathrow just just because well if nothing else if it flies over the fence you say missed it can add me ball back you're gonna have a hell of a conversation to have with the guys yes but you know at the same time the people have flown within the class a airspace around London as loads and model aircraft as in Richmond there's one there is one actually there is one there is one hang on just this weight in my head what I think well there's one on that man this one made one size no this is one one 500 125 yeah I know there's one there's one just north of of the runway a little little bit further north but the new LG tablet with the foldable screen yeah it's just with the shine suit it's the issue with the when the zones extended it will pick up you know playing fields Spacey's mean you're possibly even you know genuine model club so that's it's gonna create the ovary take and no one's put a number to it but there were a few people having a go today so the the from the internet to and you're throwing that be people being post and they reckon it's going to be hundreds of thousands of properties that are picked up with it someone who said in Cambridge the reckon it would be in the scale of maybe fifty thousand so they're looking at how many residential properties did it pick up it you know excluding the fact of you know council part land or whatever else you might be able to fly so yeah we'll see what the the impact is but it does come across that no one's really come away and done that analysis it's not good Nicholas falling asleep he has he fallen asleep seeming to wake him up he's there is there's a sleep because I've said something to you like what's on your bill bench you've been very quiet you need to unmute yourself man you know waiting patiently for you to stop yapping about regulations definitely couldn't fall asleep after the data and well you I saw you do the battery video recently was what what have you got to review what's coming up a new heat of flying actually I went flying yesterday finally it wasn't the best of days because forecast promised for some and the reality was that probably there was full Sun above the cloud and some is serving yeah now we're covering everything around so I flew the new Phoenix 2400 two point four meter wingspan and I also flew the new Ranger with the exact same wings I used one set of wings for both planes okay so that our second molten what how to say molten the wings it would seem yeah keeping one of the sets as a spare didn't feel like putting new circles in it if if it's the same thing on both planes and the Phoenix did perform exceptionally well I'm very happy with it be careful you say now you're gonna mention a speech because some people will take any positive reviews of anything cuz it's not the best no no true it's true it's true I have the bird the Phoenix v2 which is the two meter one it's the smaller one and actually I don't know why but this one for some reason can take a much larger battery up front and that that would allow a much much longer flight time because right now I have a lithium ion battery and that's that's three times the capacity of the of the biggest battery was able to using the v2 one in the smaller one and that was still not enough to balance the plane I had to put every canopy that it comes with and another camera on the nose in addition to that yeah but you'll see in the video I hope to be able to have it done by the end of the week but you'll not be you still in winter up there and you show you what some years ago his junior isn't there so you're a little bit away from thermal weather yet actually this if this son I can do that at least surround the city where there are buildings that got metal groups that tend to heat up but I've no idea doesn't really match that the plane is pretty awesome I wasn't able to actually get over the clouds I did try got the camera pretty wet actually got the whole plane pretty way it was dripping water when it landed I'm pretty lucky nothing burned out but the run cam – I had on the nose was something was glitching there in the Wi-Fi the Wi-Fi module might have gotten a bit wet because the the Wi-Fi LED was going crazy but the recording was still going from so I haven't checked it yet but will do but I just love that point of view from from the rudder to the front of the plane and yeah that's my point of view on that thing absolutely stunning absolutely stunning and there's a hell with you know like seeing roll and all that sort of thing you know much better idea of yeah I think it does because you actually see what the what the plane is doing if you have the fpv camera in the nose without seeing anything from the plane it's you know the whole image starts shaking or you know rolling sideways when the plane does it could be stressful if it's not voluntary I mean you're flying and a gust of wind pseudo throws the plane off and is that instant rush of adrenaline oh my god something's happening and then he stabilized all right but here doesn't matter because you actually see the whole plane and what happens to it you you can see the horizon you can see the plane and you know it's there it's in one piece which which is important and you have you can also pause in it or is it just Santa Paws what I'm gonna be doing without somebody just say about that but it's and was III kind of was to give out using this here Sparky to but I am in the market for one of the new smaller boards which new smaller smaller all on board should I get what is the choice I moved over every single bit of electronic I had on the v2 I just moved it over servos you see everything over to be a bigger plane and it's it's the exact same plane it's only bigger and for some reason it's it's better whatever using because I could write it down normally but say for prole running yeah it was running on the smaller plane and right now it's running on the big plane a data mission one of my special missions special mission throwing something in the sky oh yeah oh cool and the in the other little video I made about choosing that in the comments somebody has said well what's all this noise about there are nine receivers and all that sort of things so can I leave it to you gentlemen to explain what those fr sky receivers are I'm surprised there's somebody out there that doesn't know what's with these receivers because there's been so much talk about this thing actually the the Phoenix has an l 9r in a because that's what i what i had in in the small one and I just moved everything over but the Ranger being you know hardcore fbv designed blah blah whatever and hopefully being able to carry a larger battery because I did fly it with a 4 s 10,000 milliamp hour lipo which is heavy for sure especially compared to the lithium ion I put in the rain in the Phoenix but I don't have actually I don't have an autopilot in the Ranger yet but I do have an HD system in it that we've heard about yeah it's the new auto tech DL C thing it's it's actually got a recording module onboard the transmitter so you can use it as an fpv camera and you can record the video so you don't have to put a second camera up there just for that any does come with its own camera but I don't think you can use another one just whatever it comes with but I do have the online receiver on that plane which is why I was confident to fly it out to probably five or six hundred meters just line-of-sight because I really wasn't able to trust the VHD system so just well just eyeballing the plane at all times but I went out pretty far it's a huge plane I mean 2.4 meters with these wings pretty big and you can see it from afar but though the only thing I was confident about onboard that plane was the online slim Plus receiver and not a single glue she a it's a short distance for that system because nothing can probably go tens of kilometers but still not having an autopilot is a bit unnerving especially for someone like me that likes to equip everything just peace of mind you know I'm sorry and IANS talking about the the egg thing the power vision character and in the comments I don't think it's arrived in most places actually enough Sasori years ago I don't think it's around a humble warehouse has done apparently just like a huge chicken has done an unboxing of sage Drona's in the comments all the details you need on that I'm not sure I've ever heard it was the thing that had the the lakes that folded down it was shaped like an egg and then yeah I'm coming out of it which would then be and then it would have the gimbal at the bottom it uses the your inaction to its own the gimbal like a few copters do these days yes that was right and now Bruce but that's not that's not the big one that's their new one everything the big one has in a smaller package absolutely and just in time for Easter do you know what the rates and this Easter eggs in the shop in town flippin Easter eggs and then anyway look at that unfolds it's got like it's got an endurance of an hour yeah yeah yeah I mean age dear link follow me moat circle things sumo well enough to swallow you could call it the pillar drive oh can make coffee – to make coffee now look when Nathan egg turns up in the comments and he says beware about something you click the link so click the link or switches switched off the a superfish of the third thing now is saying beware of D shorten BL heli s telamon telemetry support s are burning out an in-flight reboot so if you are if there is of the use to you I suggest you click the link dear viewer hot off the press the story do not update yeah I move the fan because I'm gonna move the office through next door but I've never updated offense and there's loads of stuff I've never updated I could beat this updated thing but I'll be beaten I think steelwork funny old thing and that one said once you can or something working leave it don't fix it yeah do not fix yeah yeah it's very very true nothing to do with that desi hardware Hardware only multi star X sorry Nathan we're in trouble now we've been sold off producer also gnostics family believe I'll be online yeah my original online slim they sent me didn't work broken out of the box but I've since then got a 9 mini which seems to be the bee's knees the only problem we've got with them the free sky stuff at the moment is everything has to be on the same version and when you get it the first thing you could do is update it and some people I think you're gonna be able hissa Junt because of that like playing with firmware they don't to break their device so I think they could pop free sky and I don't have an RF update to I mean I don't know why but on the online stuff you can't just put the SD card in your transmitter press a button and have it update the receiver through the radio link without having to mess around with cables and wires and things so they need to be a little bit more polished and how they're handling leonine stuff it's really it's great but they could do better and I'm going to be reviewing a whole lot more 250 grams 250 grams stuff because it seems to be the future of the hobby and you were talking about flight controllers I've got a 20 mil flight controller coming 20 millimeters rather than a 35-yard brothers okay and there's got a barometer and so for a second review that as a part of a very small fpv setup and I've got a big bag of bits arrived today which I'll be unpacking in small good stuff in there and but trouble is with hits and really crap weather here it's like it's been 10 degrees in the morning which is like winter temperatures in the middle of summer and we've had a constant westerly was 34 kilometers an hour yesterday and as I was driving out to the airport this morning I was following a cloud shadow I was doing 40k and the shadow was moving away from his oats pretty windy here at the man it's a real pain in the backside but I'm going to get this flying in the next hour so this is a red jet for Twiggy it'll be fully fpv and no flight controller but I'm not a snowflake whiteant I can fly a flight controller with that game it would that gain under 250 years a bit much of the battery it's why under it's way way and I have the discount bloody I will measure it as we speak we going just a moment please that's 63 grams without a battery and the bet trap is 12 grams so we're looking at Stephen it was 75 grams or so for the airframe and all I've got to go in there was just that we know just a little if TV transmitter and receiver and we're done and that they can't I think about 12 grams or something in total so well Halliwell under the 250 grams and this is a really fast little model – don't forget the autopilot and the antenna tracker board ndo Islam yes did you see the TV world speed record broken by Rupert in the UK was it 260 miles an hour or something 265 unbelievable oh he's just another level it's just just is probably not all there but we've been Devon we must get him on again I did ask him a couple of weeks ago when it was given a go and then that he was worried that he wasn't going to make the speed he thought he was going to he didn't because he had that battery psych issue so I'll invite I'll invite him back I still didn't get Spitfire videos of the best but anyway that's just me with the new regulations which were basically kill his his flying because he does be on vigil on a site and and above in a speedo he has to go above 120 meters he's basically said he's not going to reach it – he's just gonna bear out of the hobby which is really sad because it's showing the effect the really bed unattended consequences of these stupid regulations and speaking to the British ones or the English ones that Ian was talking about you just know you just know but this unintended consequence that little Jimmy's mum's going to be on the phone to ITC every five minutes you just know that these are people who know nothing about the subject that they are regulating and it's politically driven I think so we got politicians don't know a clue about what we're talking about not telling other people how to do things that there is a recipe for disaster non-compliance and you know mayhem yes one wonders what the cells are going to be like at Christmas of Tommy – a wonderful Argus and all the big shots whatever they are in the UK these days Tesco's are just gonna remove any air holes any sort of little model airplane er off off the off the shelves really because at some point maybe they'll be in the loop for responsibility or something like that so it's just not worth the bother yeah it's terrible so why ipv6 fpv Steve's has press f to show respect to rip its batteries I'll do that I'll do it I'll press F but yeah Rupert is another one every one of these app is actually another level a super chap as well um say it really is a super chap and that will get him on again and wait look we've gone over three minutes over the our song that core must get a belt on camel and I must say before you does anyone else have anything else before we go going once is it worth just mentioning I just I know it's a bit of confusion online with it well the blue you oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Ferrari pilot because oh what's happened and you jump in if you can explain any better bolts hex the manufacturer the cube because there's a requirement now I think in the US for military and government where they're having drones to have them build to the US so that they can verify them for security they're now building one of the cubes in a u.s. plant so that's the blue keeps it doesn't offer you any additional functionality it's just giving you the ability where you can sell that to government because they'll have the peace of mind that it can't have been tampered with unfortunately because it's built in the u.s. obviously it can't be manufactured just cheap so I think it's about full time surprise but having said that if you're building a drone for government that is still very very cheap money compared to the alternatives out there I just felt Louis punchy from afar because I'm saying that comment you said cubes in ardupilot so yeah the cubes are I mean even are to pile army just so you just buy the real cube and paint it and you can sell it for four times as much that's a brilliant piece of marketing [Laughter] which ones you want yeah DJI drones will be so much cheaper oh yes they're gonna be 20% cheaper arm they you're right yes awesome little scandal and that's one of those annoying things where I pick that up with a Chinese newspaper on Friday and everyone else is just that all over the weekend is like the delay is used if we've read that ages later but yes I'm not quite sure how about Khan works it seemed like that some guys perhaps 100 as many it's interesting the the other newspapers it's a nice sort of top 50 but the original report said it's possibly up to 100 people were involved but over overcharging I guess internally I don't know how I don't we think it might have worked you're not good off ready David that probably yeah obviously someone was loading up the bill of materials or something with our whole lot of extra charges so there must be some very wealthy people who used to work for DJI 400 and wasn't forty-seven million u.s. dollars or saying like that I mean bucks or something ever a million bucks a pop they would have got if it was sheer they're even better people yes yes absolutely I mean one thing I do feel a bit sorry for teacher that in that the way the story's being presented the headlines it makes it sound like DGI themselves a big group when it's okay it's actually stuff internally that say it sounds like I've really ripped them off unfortunately all companies experience they be the the the reality is it just very very rarely gets into the press it's I guess it's just the fact that he's such a scale of it that you can simply not hide it but corneas on the Chinese market now I'm sorry but if anything I my take away from it was that underline it's just a big big of a company DDJ is now and you know if that I bet you I would almost lay money down under 47 million US dollars down though that's more money than the combined efforts of the entire u.s. multi motor industry of the manufacturers there but that's more money than they burn in this nozzle yeah these guys really the thing that's probably quite concerning is that if they were able to get away with this for that long how are they going to stand up and say you can trust our software we want we will not steal your information because who's that who's and the software teams taken backhanders to put back doors and things near that information off the special servers and china instead of keeping it in your cloud I mean they've lost credibility they don't have full control of their business if I can lose 150 million bucks they can't guarantee that someone hasn't backdoored all the software yeah I guess so that's that's something to have another safety and security talk about isn't it yeah I so I'm with you and I do feel a little bit sorry for him but while and and was it the two and a half times the employees of SpaceX or something like that I read somewhere that's all pretty so pretty amazing big numbers one wonders how many how many airframes again out the door now in these days we're continuing on with the science can efforts aren't they and then making sure the mean that obviously now runs on DGI so it doesn't you know i think there probably won't be that many people really on original a solo platform i think it made me running on DGI so i'm assuming it's going fine for them you know 3d are still there but i don't think they'll ever get back into hardware he does a lot of homes on the topic of Rovers who seems very keen as he's got no intention of getting hardware and trying to make products out of that he's just just a pastime about yeah yeah absolutely actually it was DJI doing that drawing this inning to Titan he's doing that or is it unique I don't know I don't know about that is gonna seem to drive to Titan by sending one of nuclear-powered drone going to Titan by 2035 so 34 it should be good open be around to see it but hey towards knowing yeah I mean it's well yeah nuclear power this is just my mind in see this goes to Popular Mechanics it instantly gated nuclear power it up we go there the spaceship to the moon or whatever it instantly goes there Shaymin alright hydrogen heli you can't just buy hydrogen a heli in the comments it did niebo know you still hit about they did a hydrogen powered thing that was stayed up for two hours or something as opposed to electric or something's just basically showing that hydrogen is the future but it's not it's hydrogen deserve effectively very poor way of storing energy oh I don't know is the TT robotics one is it'll be a contra-rotating job not contras potato a stacked HT to Jupiter okay yes yes it's a very nice-looking machine this that never answer there are emails those people and TT robotics is an RG pilot partner so that's must be what he's been lurking in the comments to tell us just lurking lurking so it's on the it's on the comments in your Divya it's a nice machine what does he say how long does it run for on that some that that hydrogen celery and the Boeing air come Oh Bruce what about the Boeing aircraft that's hydrogen power that's one for you right the Hindenburg oh well you know why all that was me because America wouldn't give him the helium helium was a war substance as it were just well the Germans had hydrogen but anyway I don't know 85 minutes fully loaded and what sort of weight is fully loaded can we carry a lidar with that Louie this is this is whispers isn't in talk to the cholera sheep with it that's the question well you asked that in your current locale yes very Canada in Canada you're not let it carry in your living creature with your drone mm yeah dad I'm Dean is pretty much around the world I should imagine that's the case explicitly we're gonna get here ah shorty yes he was shortage is worldwide and it's yeah anyway look I read him from the comment 20 it's over 25 kilos of movie that was the answer is looking for it's outside turning up to 11th oh the Phantom I project oh yes that thing kept crashing and what happened to it it's been shelved and I can't remember why has been shelved there is a reason why it's been shelved 5 kilo paid oh there we are comments are telling us I'm pretty sure that phantom Iowa shelf anyway with that do we have anyone else does anyone else have anything else gentlemen going once going twice dear viewers thank you very much for joining in Rory was fantastic earlier I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on that be interesting if they see how much of physics they can break with their new machine and this guy's absolutely qualified to make it happen in the I think we are not worthy so bid you farewell have a lovely weekend that's coming up be safe and fly England anyway anyway well yeah well yeah yes we saw that saw the lightning videos well Briscoes how near is near though a little called escape in time yes I've got a ghost ring is the flying field where I flew like yesterday is what two kilometres away from the airfield and I sometimes find that direction so the plane ends up like less than two kilometres away from it okay maybe three just don't be a nuisance isn't it actually no I'm not because because the the field where I'm flying is a dedicated RC why yes but then you have aircraft flying go through all the time Bruce is a pretty dedicated RC zone with aircraft arriving all the time there well that's their problem isn't it he's got no empathy no no no M&P understand is that some sort of team although they have over there Steve use it take care of see again 2100 time I next week cheers guys take care okay

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  1. Ive seen 3 different chinese OEM multi manufacturers in past 2 months, first hand, running "cloned" DJI flight controllers, what appear to be A2/Wookong gen, but with stripped out/modded versions of the Go app. Quite curious, they are all different, must be a few open backdoors in the DJI building.

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