Can You Use the Mavic 2 Zoom for Drone Mapping?

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Our caller, Joe from Nebraska is unsure if he can use the Mavic 2 Zoom for drone mapping. Can you really use the Mavic 2 with its rolling shutter for drone mapping? If yes, are there any precautions that you need to take while using a zoom camera. You can also check out our entire “Drone Mapping” playlist by going here –

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01:11 – Paul shares his experience with the Mavic 2 Enterprise
03:33 – Become a Drone U Member and get access to all our awesome content
03:55 – Today’s question is about using the Mavic 2 Zoom for mapping
05:23 – Can you use the Phantom 3 Pro for mapping?
06:30 – How to use the Mavic 2 Zoom for drone mapping
07:15 – Check out our UH 60 drone model
08:06 – Discussing the capabilities of the Z30 drone camera
08:46 – Is the zoom on the Mavic 2 Enterprise powerful enough to capture minute details?
09:14 – How does the M600 – Z30 combo compare to Phantom 4 and Mavic 2 Enterprise
10:27 – Which is the best drone for creating maps and models?
you're listening to the ask of droney podcast you ask we answer your drone questions whether you're here to turn your passion into profit and you simply fly for fun we're a community of learners and teachers who aspire to achieve greatness we are hey everyone and welcome at to another fun episode of ask drone you my name is Paul my name is Rob welcome to episode number 930 for all kinds of energy around this studio today and we are so glad that you're here with us appreciate it so much energy full of wonderment yes very excited today as we're gonna be talking about the phantom 2 Pro versus phantom – zoom versus I just messed all that up Mavic – Pro versus maverick – zoom versus Mavic – Enterprise now that DJI sent me the Mavic – Enterprise series Thank You DJI I kinda I'm gonna go off the rails on this because after it's like I've flown all the Mavericks now and we have the Mavic – enterprise and this particular question today is going to be very specific about mapping objects and optics you know with this particular drone but after having the Mavic to enterprise I'm stunned stunned that this is not a consumer offering hmm that it's just an enterprise offering so just what's the distinction there what's the distinction the speaker it's the app that it's flown through so DJ the Maverick – Enterprise is flown through DJI pilot but anybody can buy it right I think so you just have to go to an enterprise dealer to buy one oh ok so they're not gonna carry them at Costco for example yeah or at Best Buy or any of those places what you're saying is ok trying to make sure I understand that distinction that being said as a creative artist and after using the Mavic – enterprise just for three days now Wow diggin it Oh so much fun to fly so many new things I can do so many fun creative things that I've never been able to do before that now I'm able to do hmm you can really enhance storytelling with it yes it's fantastic for inspections especially HVAC roof inspections especially maybe yo powerline inspections I say EEO as electrical optical meaning they're not thermal it's a fantastic little machine it packs so much value and I'm just shocked that I mean I'm gonna do a video on this on YouTube coming up here soon about how I think it's like one of the best drones hands down best drone for your business phantom for pro version 2 or phantom for pro best drone hands-down for a creative artist is going to be the Mavic to enterprise or the Mavic to pro I love my maverick to pro the images out of it are unreal the Hasselblad JPEG recipe is one of my favorites also the dynamic range in the 10-bit color really offer unreal pictures but the zoom and the creative capabilities of the Maverick 2 Enterprise are just unreal if even like as a sophisticated in technology family man I wouldn't want anything but the Mavic to enterprise interesting but let's go ahead and play today's question which is brought to you by our friends at the drone at you community if you'd like access to over 30 classes resources and so much more you're going to want to become a member and soon in our community I'm going to be filming a video talking about what changes are we making this year because there's a lot a couple of them are already in progress trying to speed up our delivery of more quality content and a couple of things and those messages will be coming soon community so look out for him hey guys it's Joe down oh ma Nebraska question for you today is about the Maverick Pro to zoom so I know that when these guys came out that the Maverick Pro 2 doesn't have a mechanical shutter and that there were questions about it not being so good for mapping I don't remember anything being said about the zoom if it had a mechanical shutter naso about having a smaller sensor size it's looking at the Z 30 I know it has a smaller sensor but then Steel's guy said not to worry about it due to that it's all in the optics so and my brother he is has a phantom 3 Pro that he's done some modeling and some mapping with and the stuff is turned out looking all right no no just so what's your opinion on all this it'd be awesome to get your advice thanks Mike thank you Joe appreciate the question happy new year the 15th yeah I think as of the 15th we can stop saying happy happy new year which is the date that it is here as we record these episodes done here fat choy huh that is Cantonese for a happy new year no no very cool interesting so anyways so yeah he's talking about the Mavic 2 pro thematic to presume does he 30 even through a phantom 3 pro in there so you know he asked the questions like my buddy's been doing some mapping with phantom 3 pro can I can I really get you know results yeah you can get results you can model stuff your point density is gonna be low your accuracy is gonna be low you're not really going to be able to get the detail that I think that anyone who's familiar with mapping has come to see mm-hmm now that being said I'm still in the middle I just got the images back of the uh-60 Hughie at the NTSB training I flew the Hughie with three different drones and then I flew with three different acquisition strategies on one particular bird just to ensure that the instructions that I gave people were accurate which after running all the tests they were and that makes me really happy because I even was like screw this I'm going off the rails and I just shot it all willy-nilly and that did not work that the formulas that I've created after doing those MLB jobs are still true to this day in 3d modeling so really happy about that but that being said I got the Mavic to zoom fluid around zoomed in whenever you're mapping something with zoom the focal length has to stay the same so well what that means is if you're using a camera with zoom to do mapping the zoom cannot change throughout the entire map in fact if you actually go look on old helicopters with cameras that we're doing photogrammetry you'll notice that on the lens there's actually a screw a physical screw to screw in the lens to make sure that the focal length does not change at all from photo to photo otherwise you're gonna have crazy relative error and the Maps gonna suck so I'm still testing the Mavic to zoom I actually just started the processing today to be honest with you so we'll see what point density shows up we'll see how the the mesh looks we'll see how the point cloud looks if you want to see the existing you h-60 helicopter map you can go to our sketch fab page it's just sketchfab com forward slash drone you and you can check out our model on the uh-60 that is there is one of the most recent models in fact pulling it up right now yep it is still there still looking fresh and beautiful as always that being said I honestly don't know the answer to the question I think that the Mavic to zoom can be used for for mapping doing models like 3d models not 2d maps again that accuracy reigns king with the phantom 4 pro but if we're talking about models there may be there may be a potential use case for it what were his other questions oh he had some more questions about optics and using zoom oh that's right Z 30 so the Z 30 has a 2 megapixel sensor so that it can zoom in as far as it does and it is 2 megapixels when you pull up a picture it looks like an iPhone picture from the first iPhone very green so no really no I know I know just put in those terms um that being said now can you fly further away from an object with the Z 30 and take a close-up picture and get details of like welds and get details of you know cracks and pipes yeah you're gonna get a much better image with the Z 30 then you would say a Mavic to enterprise or Mavic to zoom remember the Mavi to enterprise is a maverick to zoom just with all the accessories the Mavic to enterprise though it would be if it can be flown closer say like 50 or 60 feet from an object you could zoom in a little bit I mean it's not a crazy amount of zoom but you can take a usable picture 12 megapixel picture and get great detail so here's a perfect example right if I'm flying an HVAC unit with an M 600 which I don't think anyone would do this because it's just so impractical to drive around with an M 600 in your car he takes M 600 out z30 he could probably fly a thousand feet away and read the barcode on the HVAC unit it's the only reason you would do that it's to show that you can do that yeah pretty much with a phantom you'd have to fly within about five to six feet of an object to get a usable picture and with the maverick 2 Enterprise you'd have to fly about 10 to 15 feet maybe 20 feet away zoom in fully take the picture blow up the picture and look at it I actually just recently showcased this in the journey community so if you're listening in the show and you remember go into the community and check out the three examples that I just did with them havoc to enterprise because it is not only very useful for creative cinematic purposes but it's also extremely useful on a practical level for anyone doing home inspections roof inspections HVAC inspections general contractors and construction managers are going to love this drum just I mean it is a powerhouse so yeah you are definitely all over it I actually have a headache now I'm not even kidding I have a dick right now so I think to answer his question you know it always just depends on the deliverable Rob and what drone is he going to need when it comes to mapping the best quality 2d maps are gonna be the Phantom 4 Pro anything with a global shutter really gonna help out no global shutter and Mavic to enterprise but it could be great for 3d models not necessarily 2d Maps and if you're going to buy a phantom so why do I keep saying phantom if you're going to buy a Mavic to buy the Mavic to enterprise so much more flexibility if you're just taking pictures maverick to pro but if you're doing pictures and video highly recommend and I think we would recommend generally speaking to buy more than you think you'll need right because the cost difference isn't that significant no and more likely than not you're gonna end up in a situation in which you wish you had have purchased the one you didn't get that has more capabilities true because if you stick with it and you continue to work your craft and variably you're gonna end up wanting to do more work in areas that you didn't think you would except for those that plan on that that's even better guys have it cool hope that helps I hope it helps as Joe I hope it helps as well Joseph is another one that sends in a lot of questions and we definitely appreciate that thanks Joe thanks man appreciate you absolutely guys when you have a question girls when you have a question gotta ask drone you upload it we are not gender specific so we would love questions from everybody doesn't matter who you are because we believe in helping everyone out we don't like to pick and choose any way that's gonna do it for us today my name is Paul my name's Rob this is ask drone you you

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