Autel Robotics Tutorial: Landing Gear Replacement

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See how to replace the landing gear on the X-Star series drone
in this video we'll show you how to replace a damaged landing gear the replacement landing gear includes two legs screws with thread lock grommets landing pads and a cover for the compass it also includes stickers and an Allen wrench to start remove the front indicator stickers and detach the antennas from the legs of the aircraft be cautious not to damage the antennas when unclipping them from the legs when detaching the compass we'll need to remove the cover of the compass first then unplug the compass from the cable now use the allen wrench and remove the eight screws that attach the legs to the body then remove the rubber grommets and slide the antennas out take note that the new legs are specific for each side now slide the antenna through the new legs install a new grommet and line up the legs and reattach them with the new screws we'll need to plug the compass back into the cable and reattach that into its housing and then use the new compass cover to lock it in place now that we've attached the new landing gears to the aircraft we can apply the landing pads onto the feet of the drone then let's apply the front indicator stickers around the legs your new legs are now installed thanks for watching and fly safe

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