3D Printing: Monoprice Select Mini Glass Bed Installation

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Episode 63: Monoprice Select Mini Glass Bed
Here’s a super quick and easy tutorial on how to add a glass bed to the Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer.

This is a super simple and fun upgrade for anyone who’s looking to modify or adapt the printer to meet more specific needs.

A glass print bed is a great way to ensure a perfectly even and level print surface. This was important to me after my 2nd MP Mini came with a slightly concave bed.

PLEASE be careful when cutting glass. Use gloves and safety glasses at all times when dealing with glass.

MP Select Mini:

Z Axis Spacer on Thingiverse:

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my name is Tom this is the enthusiasm project and today get ready because I'm going to show you how to install a glass bed on the monoprice select mini 3d printer installing a glass bed is a super cheap simple and easy upgrade for your printer and it really might help improve the overall quality of your prints in my experience the biggest benefit you get from printing on glass is that you have a completely even perfectly level printing surface now this was actually my second 3d printer my first 3d printer was another select mini and this printer I loved straight out of the box it gave me perfect prints so immediately like within three weeks I had ordered a second printer so that I could do more printing this is what hooked me into the Hobby right off the bat now when I ordered the second printer the results I was getting were not nearly as good right away and I couldn't figure out why and then I realized it's because the print bed was actually a little bit concave this one the first printer I ordered had a much more level even bed so what that meant was that no matter how I leveled the corners of the bed since the middle was kind of concave there was nothing I could do to fix that my prints were always gonna have issues and I figured this would be a good chance to learn how to install the glass bed which I had heard lots of good things about so I've been printing on glass with this printer for over a year and I've had great results with it to install the glass bed you only need a few things you need an 8 by 10 piece of replacement clear glass I got this one at Home Depot for about one dollar fifty cents you need to regular binder clips you need a glass cutter this I also was able to get at Home Depot for about $3 you need to print a z-axis spacer for the Select mini a link to the finger verse file for this print below since the glass changes the height of the bed this clips on the z-axis to accommodate that and make up for it this print is super easy to install it doesn't require any disassembly or parts it just clips right in very very easily you also need just a regular glue stick now first the idea of cutting glass was really scary to me but it turns out it's super super simple it kind of feels like something that shouldn't be able to be done but it takes no time at all anybody can do it on the select Mini you just need to mark out the size of the bed and I strongly recommend that you cut the corners at an angle the new glass bed to give you access to the leveling screws this will let you level the bed without having to take the glass off and it's gonna make it much easier to get accurate level prints and so I just recommend drawing where you want to cut with the sharpie then take the glass cutter and score the glass basically just kind of itch in a line it makes a really horrific awful sound that I'm sure you're gonna love and then you can use the glass cutter or even just your hands definitely wear gloves and just pop the glass apart and it will give a nice clean break now I'm not a glass cutting professional these are just the instructions I found that I've used that work really really well but of course use common sense and make sure to do everything you can to keep yourself safe because you are you know cutting glass after that you just need to install the z-axis spacer clip on the glass bed and you're ready to go now one of the challenges that can come with printing on glass is printbed adhesion it's very easy since the glass is so slick for the prints to just kind of pop off and slide around I've had a number of prints get Rou into this way I really recommend just using a glue stick to help your prints stick to the bed you don't need to cover the entire bed just the area where the prints gonna be placed and then just put a nice thin layer of glue let it dry for a second and it'll be ready for the print to stick to it and when it's time to clean just some soap and water will wash the glue right off and it'll be good as new again so I hope that was a quick and easy lesson to install a glass bed on your monoprice select mini 3d printer you can obviously use this method on any 3d printer but the size of the glass the size of the z-axis spacer might need to be a little bit different thanks so much for watching I hope that was helpful make sure to hit the thumbs up button ask me any questions you may have in the comments below and if you haven't please be sure to subscribe to this channel so you get new videos and livestreams every single week I will see you guys next time

22 thoughts on “3D Printing: Monoprice Select Mini Glass Bed Installation”

  1. I haven't dug into the thickness of the z-spacer in the thingiverse file. Is the thickness of the spacer in the file supposed to match the thickness of the glass pane you install? Your video shows 3/32" thick glass. What thickness was your spacer?

  2. Went to print soft motor mounts and the nozzle is acting like I didnt add the spacer. I triple checked and the spacer is snapped in good, glass bed is mounted using the binder clips that you suggested (wifes work had a few extras I could borrow 🙂 Can you think of why it would be doing this?

  3. Would love a better view of installing the spacer. Can never see exactly where and how they go on.
    Got a borosilicate plate sized for the Mini with beveled corners and a pack of thermal heatsink pads 25mm x 25mm (I figure 5 should be good) instead of clips. Will probably have to order a spacer through Thingiverse. Haven't been able to get any adhesion. Either won't at the start or it builds a few layers and I'm all 'yay, working' then it pops free.

  4. Is this the V1 or 2? I just got a Monoprice Select Mini v2 and was looking to make the same upgrade. Already got the glass, but I my understanding is the beds are a bit different between the 1 and 2.

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