3D Printing: Adding Mass to your 3D print

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I'm Patrick baby IQ is calm today is February 19th 2019 and in this video I'll be doing showing an experiment I did recently where I added some math to a 3d print I did now I even do this I have a design I'm working on right now which I haven't even printed out I think I can't have it done having tested it where I have a paper towel holder downstairs now this paper towel holder stands upright and so it's got a base to it and I was wanting to remake the whole thing and 3d print it and make a little different then I thought if I print it out I got to make a pretty wide base because I'm afraid it's gonna be so lightweight with a plastic it's gonna easily tip over and so I thought wow maybe I can print some mass maybe I can I even thought and this this might work I haven't tried this maybe you get a UH an old metal dumbbell because in the print I'm gonna do it actually has a cutout Center kind of like this it's not this isn't my print but so much can have a hole in the middle and maybe I could make a cavity inside where I could put a dumbbell so I could do like some of my other prints where I enclosed something so I could go up there make a cavity that's just the right size for dumbbell drop it in clothes over and that would probably work but I also thought hey I could just you know do like a ten-percent info and and stop it at some point fill these cells with something and then close it over so the first idea I had was was sand and so I went looking around and I found I went over to Home Depot ok where are ya there you go Home Depot and I found someplace and because that's where I'm trying to worry about you know ya sanitize but is it gonna be is it gonna mold in there or something over time I'm not sure so I found this place and it's like four bucks nothing 450 pounds of it and I thought well it's kind of specially great has been washed it's been here says screened and dry of the Sun so I figured I probably should last just fine so I did a couple of tests and here I'll show you a video I did where I put sand in and then I enclosed it okay I just filled it full of dirt let's see what happens when I get this guy going I guess second time's a charm let's see this works you're going to start enclosing sand no barrier now I don't know if I explained it the video may not be apparent but one of the problems I had it worked pretty well but the only problem I had I got it all nice and smooth things all out but then I started to run it and I kind of forgot there's a fan on the end of the nozzle so if you didn't notice you can go back and look now as the nozzle is going over it's blowing sand out and it didn't blow so much up as to be a problem but here's my sand print it's loose and everywhere so it made not a terrible mess and as you probably saw in the video I had a little printed out thing here to kind of my idea was if I put this in and then I brush it off I had like a little place to catch it so that I could cleaned up later not have it all over the floor and that worked okay but with the with the fan it kind of blew everywhere I probably still have it in some places and so after it was after one print was done I had to go vacuum the whole thing out I still had some things in some places and then I actually had a few issues with the next couple of prints cuz I think there was still some seen in some places so I ran a bunch of filament through now it's fine no problem but mmm I liked the idea and it works but a bit messy now there may be some ways to fix that maybe you could I don't know put the sand on there and then hairspray it or do some kind of adhesive or maybe some water I don't know if to MIT to brewing from blowing out there might be a way to prevent it from blowing out but it worked and so this an empty one there was point zero three eight kilograms and this filled one was point two five two kilograms and so it worked pretty well is I'm not gonna do it again though cuz it just shouldn't say not gonna do it again probably not gonna do it again it was a bit of a mess so I thought another thing I could do go get some bb's so I went over to the home home did but I went to Walmart Walmart I had these bb's so I got them right here I got six thousand bb's and they're zinc plated so I'm not too worried about water but that should help me a little bit just in case some wastage in there these probably won't rust should help out so here I'll show you the video I did where I put a bunch of bees in there okay so this is just my test print nothing special about it but so here my apostate so I'm gonna fill it with BB so here's the other guy I did before was just sand it's all sealed up and it works fine but I don't think I like the idea of using sand and everyone that's just empty so I went to I got these at Walmart these are six thousand little bee bees and these happen to be galvanized so hopefully not that I'm worried about rusting while they're inside here but um why not right so I'm gonna do a couple of things like it last I'm gonna throw this up over here I have and then start to dump these over here because I don't have much room but also I three when I've made this design a 3d printed like a reservoir to catch some of it so if I happen to have something to fall out and I'm gonna just fill it to the top and I see there's some fun right now okay next batch I did test testing the day I filled my empty one up just to see how much of it away and it's gonna weigh a lot more than the sand which makes sense you're gonna fill it all to the tippy-top not to mention you don't have to do this like the 10% in sale you could actually make a designated cavity so that way you could decide it the right way that you want it to size your back and forth that clips I don't want anything bumping off over here one jump beyond the reservoir you have to pick somebody's out by hand well you could but it'd probably just suck to me out I mean if you use the magnet I don't know if you heard my wife suggested using a magnet but then you'd suck too many out right no no that might be a good idea now I haven't this I'm even though I filled one up the other day I haven't tried printing so and I can probably smash down a little bit because I mean you can leave those in there but they are gonna hop around early oh that's one you need a cup okay I'm gonna put on the floor because I can pick them up later with a magnet right okay cuz those are gonna bounce around well the print is finishing yeah magnets right okay now are we gonna be good probably feel a little bit this hitting it are you gonna close up and not do oh he has a 10% meter I'm gonna get back to normal speed we're out if it bumps if it happens to hit a bead it'll probably be okay doesn't bump that I think but just flat as you can think I'm I like this idea doing its enclosing them oh yeah so covered up just finished so never gonna add some more layers on it but it looks like it has work just fine I have no issues during the whole process okay so here here's the one with the bb's and I thought it worked pretty well the only problem is I don't think it's a problem but a little rattling but not much you could maybe put something in there that would help prevent rattling let maybe some clay but for my purposes a little bit of rattling is not a problem for me and this way is 0.44 kilograms so this is almost a pound compared to you know point zero almost 10 times more than ten times heavier than what it was putting those telus in so I think this is how I'm gonna go my base I'm gonna make is actually bigger than this so in the end I might be I might be three or four pound base and that might really work for me so I'd like this idea it's sealed over just fine it's pretty cool it also brings to mind I actually did find some videos like this not to fill something but you could make something Hollow and you could make you know an instrument like for kids you could I saw something that to go find it again where someone made Easter eggs that sealed over so he stopped it halfway put a couple of beads of some kind and then seal it over and then he had the little Easter eggs that would rattle little neat idea so anyway that worked really well okay so last let me go so I think it's a good idea it's legit it works I'm gonna try it some more so at some point the next couple of weeks I'll probably end up doing my paper towel thing which I'll post on Thingiverse when I get there and I'll probably show you know putting bb's in it I think it's gonna work but for those who might want to be some math there about the whole thing if you want to do the volume I'm not going to calculate the volume you can Calculon if you want but here's what I drew and so here I'm in fusion 360 if I right-click on this body I can get where are you properties properties and you can see this is 2 point 4 or 5 4 to the 4th power 10 to the 4th power 2 point 5 4 5 e + 0 4 millimeter squared which comes out to you don't write this down a 2.45 for e to the plus + 0 for milliliters which comes out to point 0 2 4 5 4 meters squared so if you want to calculate it says made of aluminum well no that's that's the that's the area what am I even thinking volume how about that 1 point 8 4 1 e to the 5th let me write that one down 1 point 8 4 1 e + 0 5 no there's cubed + house of that which comes out to 184 milliliters so you can use that anyway if you want to do calculation of how dense you can get if any way it's it to me project it works I think it was a good idea oh and if you I think it's also a good idea do seem to make this border so I made this board you'll see its square and the interesting thing you can do with that is you don't need to make it too precise size so if I go over here and I bring in my sand test and I bring in my spillover right there I don't need to make it that exact set because I can say oh I'm gonna put this over here I'm gonna put this over here and I can rescale I can unhook this and scale it one way so I can say you don't know what that to be 200 or 180 and this 120 and there we go I can resize it simply how I want another thing when you're placing this know where your printer is going to so when I put that switch sitting in at the top here my Prusa pulls over here so in this case I want to put it back like you saw in the video so I can actually well you don't traditionally put it back put in a place where you can access it easy enough to put the bb's end so here I'll generate this as an example and go up here ah wow I did something wrong then to 20% I did a 10% infill not 20 and go almost the top and put a switch point in here and now that's where would pause so I could put a rel in so then say the g-code and make it and so if you're gonna do this I probably do what I did and do a test to make sure you got the idea right and I could do so pretty soon you'll see weighted paper towel here paper towel holder hey if you liked the video give it a thumbs up if you didn't and give it a thumbs down also if you like what we're doing here subscribe to the channel by clicking the subscribe button and lastly have a piece of info to share just post a comment

17 thoughts on “3D Printing: Adding Mass to your 3D print”

  1. If it gets much bigger, that could be enough inertial mass to cause problems. Making a two part shell might be a good idea. The two halves could be glued and press-fit together after printing and filling.

  2. One issue is adding the weight to the bed and such. Safer way is to print without the bottom layer, then fill with BBs after the print is done and put epoxy fill in there after wards. 3lbs on a heated bed spells warping nightmares and pushing the bed away from the nozzle. Also, let’s you use sand, molten led, or anything without risking damage and mess to your printer.

  3. Nice idea again. Really. Maybe you can turn of the part cooling fan for 1 layer when using the sand. And for removing the balls sticking out of the top… use some sticky tape that will only pick up the balls it will touch. An other way to add mass without the rattle: take some heavy objects and design a cavity inside your 3D object of exact the right dimensions.

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